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Transform Anxiety Into Prosperity With Tim Shurr

November 8, 2020

Tim Shurr is President of Shurr Success, Inc., a leadership and sales training company that saves companies 6-figures by lowering high employee costs! After studying human behavior for the last 32 years and facilitating over 15,000 Hypnosis sessions, Tim discovered how to upgrade unconscious mental programming so you can achieve at the highest level. He’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS and the TEDx stage. Tim has written six books including Get Out Of Your Way and One Belief Away, which releases in January 2021. Tim is also an award-winning speaker and host of the popular podcast, How To Be Mesmerizing!

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Most Influential Person

  • Dr. Denis Waitley One of the kings of the personal development movement. Earl Nighting ale like him personally. His psychology of Winning program became one of the best selling audio coaching programs of all time.
  • Patricia Frip The Queen of Presentation Skills
  • Ford Sakes A marketing expert

Effect on Emotions

  • It's everything. Without mindfulness you end up in stress and anxiety. With mindfulness, you find inner pieces. And I call it inner pieces because you get pieces of it and then you go through the other human emotions and then you find your way back to peace.
  • But you're not in inner peace all the time because you need all of the other emotions to channel you, to challenge you, to help you grow, to help you remember what not to do.
  • Anger, worry, fear, stress, shame, guilt, are all useful emotions if you use them to your advantage.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing through your nose, down to your belly and slowly exhaling is the first step to every thing.

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Bullying Story

  • I was bullied all through school, all the way up to my senior year when I actually had a fight at a dance with the bully who had been torturing me for three years.
  • I actually won that fight and still felt bad about it because I'm not a fighter.

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