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The 7 Laws of Mindful Living; Vernon Foster II

June 23, 2021

Vernon Foster II is known for building bridges between worlds, people, and cultures through leveraging technology, the spoken word, and the pen. Vernon is no stranger to adventure and defying convention and that is obvious when he sought to become a generalist when the world valued specialization. Vernon opted to treat his 20's and early 30's as an experiment for building skills and honing his personal philosophy. Little did he know nor envision that his lifestyle would serve as a catalyst for creating a global movement and framework that would inspire others to follow suit. His work has been featured at Entrepreneur, General Assembly, The Good Men Project, and Podcast Movement.

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Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • My brother, Tyrone Foster

Effect on Emotions

  • I'm able to recognize something for what it is. If I'm angry, they I recognize the anger. If I'm looking at someone and I'm judging them, I realize that's inside of me, that's why I can see it. Mindfulness has given me a toolkit to be able to move through life with a little bit more flow and joy and appreciation. 

Thoughts on Breathing

  • You can't live without breathing so if you're not breathing you're dead. I do a lot of yoga and meditation. Breathing is at the core of these practices, to get you into your body. When I breathe, it allows me to connect and recharge. It allows me to get to the root of being present. 

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