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Reality Transurfing With Renee Garcia

January 10, 2021

Renee Garcia is a lifelong entrepreneur, Certified Reality Transurfing instructor, and an Alternatives Space adventurer – endorsed by Vadim Zeland, former Russian quantum physicist and the author/creator of Reality Transurfing. Having ventured deeply into the metaphysical world of Reality Creation, she has transformed personal failure into success, poverty into abundance, sickness into healing, and a bleak perspective into one brimming with joy and magic. Renée has employed Reality Transurfing to discover fulfillment, true purpose in her life, and connect with the highest version of herself. With a self-built, practical methodology and magical wand in hand, she is now empowering others around the world to do so the same.

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Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness and my emotions now are my navigation system. I pay attention to what my emotions tell me about myself and what I'm experiencing and my levels of energy.
  • Emotions used to be something that were very scary. They included depression and scary mindsets, and now my emotions are definitely there as my guiding system to get me to where I need to go.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • We overuse our minds so much so just using the power of breath to bring yourself back in your body [is powerful].
  • You can feel both your body and your mind working together and not just have this overworking, overthinking mind where you're not even paying attention to the fact that you have a human body.

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More About Our Guest

  • With a rapidly growing following of fellow “Transurfers” at her side, Renée brings to light the works of Vadim Zeland at home and worldwide.
  • She has developed the only English language Reality Transurfing instructional program officially approved by Zeland. (Get it here) This training serves as the backbone for The International Transurfing Institute, which she founded in 2016.

Bullying Story

  • I have been called everything; a witch, snake oil saleman, crazy, you can't do this. I made a video called, Those Who Love Me, Those Who Help Me, and Those Who Hate Me.
  • I wrote all the negative things people have said about me on a white board behind me and I stood up and spoke. Before I started this six years ago, I didn't have any social media, I had never spoken on camera, I didn't even have a facebook account.
  • G. I. Gerjieff said, “Ask a man to give up any vice and he will do so easily, but ask him to give up his suffering and then you've got yourself a dilemma.”
  • A lot of people do not want to believe that they are at the core of their own suffering. Reality Transurfing really does adopt this idea that there are no victims, that we have to take accountability for who we are in our actions and our thoughts.

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