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Reaching For Joy; Zehra Mahoon

April 20, 2022

Zehra Mahoon is a master mindset and law of attraction coach and manifesting expert. She is the author of twelve books on these subjects including Reaching For Joy and the creator of the Unlimited 40-day law of attraction workout and the Unlimited 365 Mastermind. After committing to completely transforming her self-worth in 2006, she went from being massively in debt to owning multiple properties and creating a thriving business, as well as healing her relationships and reaching for joy. Zehra’s books are based on a visual, diagrammatic approach to the law of attraction. She breaks down complicated concepts into small bite-size pieces linked to analogies that make them easy to remember and apply.

Zehra’s courses and programs help individuals to identify the blockages that are keeping them from achieving success. She helps them to change their self-talk and develop new thinking habits that open up a world of new possibilities.

Zehra believes that all things are possible in other words you can start from where you are and create a better future once you start understanding how to use the basic law of attraction concepts. She is committed to making it easy for you to understand and apply the law of attraction.

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Most Influential Person

Effect on Emotions

  • I'm a totally different person.
  • There is no such thing as procrastination in my life anymore. Therefore, ideas and creativity flow freely, and my anger issues are gone. However, if you ever wanted to meet someone with a bad temper, you should have met me when I was much younger.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Firstly, breathing is the easiest thing for us to focus on. Breathing is important because you can take all your five senses and focus them on breathing. After that taking your five senses away from the world around you, is what is the basis of bringing peace into your heart and reaching for joy.
  • Certainly, you can take all five senses from the world and focus them on the sound of your breath. Your breathing is always with you and you have to breathe in order to come down and reach for joy because when you breathe in deeply, you automatically open up your connection with the source.
  • Our breath is the channel of communication with the collective consciousness. After that, my consciousness is connected to me as a drop of water is connected to the ocean, all because of my breath.

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Bullying Story

  • I was talking to a neighbor who just had major surgery and was telling me about the medical system. After that I went away from that discussion, thinking, sweetheart, if I could just explain to you that you create your own reality. That is to say,  if you encountered that experience, you created it, it didn't come to you out of the blue, it came to you because you created it.
  • What we really need to look at is what is your habit of thought that resulted in the creation of this experience. It applies even to little children. Moreover when a child is fearful of something, everything in that child's life will gravitate toward the vibration of fear, and will bring those people into that child's life that will subject the child to bullying.

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