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Natural Nootropics to Enhance Meditation & Calm Your Mind; David Tomen

September 16, 2020

David Tomen knows firsthand the power of nootropics. He’s considered by many to be the foremost nootropics expert in the field. He’s the author of Head First as well as the founder of the Nootropics Expert web site, a site devoted to optimizing your brain with nootropic supplements. He joins us today to talk about the power of nootropics from stacking to dosage, and much more. David’s journey began when he was diagnosed with adult ADD and put on Ritalin. It seemed to really help his ability to focus, until 2012 when he ended up in the ER. He had a laundry list of symptoms about 2 pages long and his doctors did extensive tests (including for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, which came back negative). The only diagnosis he was given was hypothyroid. Determined to find a natural way to treat his attention issues along with his memory function, he went into full exploration mode of nootropics. He tried multiple combinations of supplements, various dosages and lifestyle changes until he found what works best for him. Today he has a specific stack he takes every day and also uses his years of extensive research and experimentation to help others through his books, podcasts, copywriting and personal consultations.

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Origins of the word Nootropics

  • There was a man named DrCornelius E. Giurgea who was a psychologist and chemist. He was working with Pavlov back in St. Petersburg back in 1963 and he invented a thing called piracetam. Piracetam was technically the first nootropic.
  • He invented piracetam to solve motion sickness. It turned out piracetam did not help motion sickness but it was a cognitive enhancer. It helped people's memory, so it was put out as a prescription drug. Since 1963 there have been many derivatives of piracetams called racetams.

Nootropics Misconceptions

  • That you need a prescription to get nootropics.
  • We consider nootropics as cocoa, caffeine, CBD oil, zinc, and vitamin D because they all influence the brain in one way or another.

Most Popular Topics

  • People seem to be most interested in specific substances.
  • I'm getting a lot of traffic to the Lion's Mane page.
  • The best nootropics for anxiety is popular right now, probably because of COVID19.
  • ADHD and ADD are also popular topics.
  • Black Seed Oil is becoming popular.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • There was this kid named Steven who was a real bully at a church camp. Finally I went berserk and I threw him through a window. I probably could have diffused the situation if I had known what I know today.

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