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Into The Nothing With Gabriel Cousens

June 2, 2021

Gabriel Cousens is a 77-year-old world renowned holistic physician, rabbi, yogi, spiritual mystic, psychiatrist, family therapist, vital-@-any-age advocate, humanitarian and peace ambassador, who walks the planet in the state of Eternal Presence seeing the emanating light from all things, and yet living in the very real world where his good works and spiritual guidance change lives daily. He lives, as he says, in the world between Nothing (the world beyond time) and Something (the temporal world). Gabriel experiences a fully integrated life in multiple dimensions. He is happy, joyful, grateful, loving and peaceful without any exterior reason because that is the nature of the primordial consciousness. As Dr. Cousens says, “there is found the true freedom”.

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Most Influential Person

  • Swami Mukundananda (Global spiritual leader, best selling author, Vedic scholar, and authority on mind management)

Effect on Emotions

  • Most of us start ‘reactive' to life and to the life choices we make.
  • Over time, with meditation and this lifestyle, we become interactive so there's more choice and more presence.
  • There are more choice of options cause you're operating from a quiet mind and a quiet heart so you're less likely to be reactive in that way.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Traditionally, from a yogic point of view, (we call it pranayama), why did they add it? They added it because pranayam, or breathing exercises, help quiet the mind.
  • When you're doing your breathing exercises, they naturally bring the mind to a quiet, still point.

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Bullying Story

  • I've never been bullied and I've never bullied anybody. Nobody would bully me, let's just put it that way. I'm not that kind of person.
  • The story that I think is important about mindfulness was more by accident. As a captain of an undefeated football team, we had no training, but I would go into what, clearly was meditation. On the defence I played middle line backer.
  • I would just sit in a state of silence with a totally quiet, mindful mind. It gave me the ability to move in any direction once the play started.
  • Having a quiet mind, sitting there as a middle line-backer, I'm ready to go in any direction because there's no distractions.

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