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Getting Naked Using Self-Awareness; Joel Primus

December 23, 2020

Joel Primus is an entrepreneur at heart who enjoys working with other entrepreneurs and is empowered by building companies. In 2008 he started Naked and after 10 years sold that business, filmed a documentary, and wrote his first book, scheduled to be published in Jan 2021.  His documentary is entitled, ‘2016 The Year of Fear’, and is about  the importance of travel as a way of educating children to become citizens of the world.

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Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness gives us the freedom and the choice to love and hate, to react or not react.
  • Mindfulness gives us the space to make that choice. In most cases it gives me the moment of pause I need to not react as much as I maybe otherwise would.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is THE tool that allows our mind to calm. I am not a fancy breather. I do write some blogs about Wim Hof and this and that and there are some really great techniques out there for falling asleep, there's box breathing, but I'm pretty old school.
  • If I just put all my focus on the breath coming into my nose and focus on nothing more than the sensation of that feeling, once, twice, three times, I feel a million times better.

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