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Empty Into Fullness; Timothy Stuetz

June 26, 2022

Timothy Stuetz, the Magical Kids Books Creator, has written more children’s books than anyone alive, 86 to date. He also runs a Quantum Energy Training Academy, certifying graduates to practice and teach multiple forms of Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, and T’ai Chi for over 35 years. Timothy’s programs are enriched through his having held children and others at birth and death and coaching people of all ages through a variety of life challenges.Using Fairy Tales, Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, he empowers people of all ages to develop and use their infinite soul powers to achieve their full potential.

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Most Influential Person

  • All of my meditation masters
  • Tai Chi masters and teachers.

Effect on Emotions

  • My basic emotion now is nothing but bliss.
  • Mindfulness has taken away everything else and there have been stages of that taking away where I thought I was over anger completely.
  • I found out I wasn't okay. But any emotion that does arise, that is not bliss. I look at it, I honor it.  Empty Into Fullness

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing means expansion to me. It means taking in God's divine breath consciously and moving it through my body and I do breathing exercises every morning.
  • Everybody needs to reconnect with their ability to deep breathe abdomen brief, not a shallow breeze and that's not hard to do. Empty Into Fullness

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • I was bullied a lot as a child, I was really small as a child and I went to military school, which was not usual. So I was the object of a lot of bullying in my neighborhood.
  • I wrote one story where a little boy has a friend, and the friend is really a bully. And eventually says to this little boy, well, I'm not afraid of anything. Suddenly, he finds himself being transported magically, by bliss, Barry bears a magical heart into the body of a mouse.
  • This is the bully now that's in the body of a mouse, and he finds himself in the field, and he doesn't know what's going on. But he decided to better make the best out of being in a mouse body. Empty Into Fullness
  • He learns about being a mouse in the daytime. And then at dusk, one night, he needs the little mouse, that's a night mouse. And this night mouse cones him into staying out past his daytime hours and playing with her and he knows nothing about the night.
  • He doesn't know about owls. He knows about the Hawks in the daytime, and the snakes and everything, but is not aware of what in the night. So he ends up getting picked up by an owl and realizing there are some things in the world that will scare him. So that's how he learns not to scare other people and to not be a bully. Empty Into Fullness

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