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Dad, Father, A Treasured Honor

June 19, 2022

Dad, Father, A Treasured Honor is my topic for today, since it is Father's Day here in Canada. I have put together 7 suggestions that can help you on your quest to being a good father. As a father, I have given a lot of thought and effort into being as good a father as possible. I'm grateful to have a son who shows strong traits of mindfulness, respect, consideration, and generosity. My father was also a man who gave me space and wise advice when I asked for it.

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Here are 7 tips that will help you be a good father:

1/ Listen

Being a good father is about being a good listener. This is something I constantly work on with my son and also with people I teach and work with. Listen to the feedback that people provide you. It is often hidden or disguised, but if you are open to hear it, you will begin to notice.

2/ Be A Good Role-model

Live your best life and remember to walk the walk and talk the talk. If you're going to do a certain thing in your life or behave in a certain way, then make sure that you're okay with your child doing that same thing. They are watching you and are aware of what you do. If you do something and you are giving the impression that you're okay with this particular action, then that speaks way louder than words.

3/ Emotions

Many people push emotions aside, including me. There have been times in my life when I was not willing or able to face my emotions. Be aware of your emotions, and don’t be afraid to share them. Once you're aware of your own emotions, then you can handle them in a more healthy way. You can decide to embrace them, share them, or keep them to yourself. The following can help you manage your emotions: meditation, self-hypnosis, running, swimming, or being out in nature.

4/ Give Space

It is important to give space to our children so they can learn and grow in a natural way. This is one thing that my father was very good at; he gave me space to grow. He was not one of those people who smothered their children, rather he gave me space to learn and grow on my own. It takes courage and discipline to step back and give your child space but I highly recommend it.

5/ Be Open and Flexible

As much as you can, be open and flexible with your children. As parents, we have our own ideas about how things should be and sometimes we can be too controlling. Guide your children in what they do and at the same time, be as open and flexible as you possibly can. As you become more open, I believe you will begin to feel the honor of being a father, and therefore you'll understand the reason I entitled this episode, Dad, Father, A Treasured Honor.

6/ Give Advice When Asked

If you follow the above suggestions, your child will be more likely to ask you for advice. Take the time to advise in a thoughtful way, using stories and examples to help explain your points.

7/ Be Consistent and Grounded

If you practice mindfulness, you are most likely a consistent and grounded person. I'm extremely proud of being the father of my son, Ben. I learn a tremendous amount from him due to the fact that he is a mindful and wise person. My father passed away in 2019 and I'm grateful to have had him as my father because he gave me space to learn and grow. He also gave me wise advice at various time, including advice to date my wife before we went out for the first time. I've been married to her for over twenty years now, so I’m grateful for the advice given to me by my dad.


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