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COVID19 Relationship Health During The Pandemic; Roman Mironov

March 24, 2020

The COVID19 Pandemic is forcing lockdowns around the globe and relationships are the first to be affected. Some will thrive and some will falter. Roman Mironov is a relationship coach who helps suffering clients move from broken relationships to a place where they enjoy new amazing, warm, close connections. In this episode, we discuss how relationships could be affected and Roman offers some practical strategies to help us all move through this challenge. Roman’s clients say their lives have been transformed and are now centered around love and gratitude. As one of his clients says, “What I like about him most is that he walks the talk; he lives what he teaches”.

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Most Influential Person

  • Bruce Langford

Effect on Emotions

  • Of course it has made me more calm and more disciplined but I think the most important thing is that when I do my mindfulness protocol I teach myself to concentrate on one thought.
  • I take the muscle that I develop through this and use it in the other hours of my day. I can apply it to my work or to any other experience like a conversation.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I do breathing exercises which are based on Wim Hof's method.
  • www.WimHofMethod.com

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • I had a short experience with bullying back in grade 4 in Russia.
  • There were 4 boys in my class who came from disfunctional families. One day they decided that we were supposed to pay money to them.
  • One day we gathered in the school yard and one of the good boys was so courageous and he stood up and fought those bad boys.
  • Someone from the good boys group went to their parents and told them and the classroom teacher resolved it very quickly.

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