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Become Money Fit With Mindfulness; Todd Christensen

October 27, 2022

Todd Christensen is an author, podcaster, speaker, Accredited Financial Counselor®, certified HUD housing counselor, and education manager at Money Fit by DRS. He has facilitated thousands of personal finance workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions since 2004, helping consumers of all backgrounds and income levels regain control of their finances, get out of debt, rebuild their credit, and create a brighter financial future. He published Everyday Money for Everyday People in 2014 and 50+ on FIRE in 2021.

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Most Influential Person

  • Larry, his mentor

Effect on Emotions

  • Whenever I am mindful of where I'm at and where I'm going, I just feel more empowered. The less that I do, the anxiety is just not there. In fact, there's a little more excitement and energy to actually get where I want to be.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I'm a big believer in breathing. It's how I fall asleep at night. There are times when I would sit in bed and if I get really anxious or nervous, or if there's something going on the next day, I would just focus on the standard breathing.
  • I think it was in Karate Kid where he learns how to read that block of ice and I just thought that's kind of goofy.
  • I remember thinking, I'm just gonna breathe and that was the first time I ever started focusing on breathing. Everybody has moments of anxiousness or nervousness. And when I play the piano, whether it's in front of a church or for whatever, I have to remember, if I don't breathe, my leg starts to bounce up and down like that. I don't need that going on. I'm a big believer in breathing properly, mindful breathing,

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Bullying Story

  • There were some friends when we were in fourth grade. We noticed there were five kids that were going to a bus and catching a bus, they'd come to our school and then catch another bus to another school, and they'd have to wait around for 15 or 20 minutes. They were not part of our group; they were different. And it led to fighting just for a week or so.
  • It was something in mindfulness if we had even stopped to think that these are kids just going to another school and they live in our neighborhoods and the fear that some of them may have when we started seeing something, especially in fights, just waiting for a bus trying to mind their own business, the fear that they must have had to come to school, it hurts.
  • One positive out of that is one of the kids that I remember; he ended up coming to our school three years later and became one of our best friends.

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