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A Holiday Wish

December 26, 2021

I just really wish you the very best, Mindful Tribe. I wish that you feel this amazing feeling in your life of calm focus, and happiness. And that's because way back in 2015, when I started the Mindfulness Mode Podcast, one of my goals was that through mindfulness, I would be able to help you, my listener, learn how to experience calm, focus, and happiness. And that's why I chose that as my tagline; reach new heights of calm focus and happiness.

I've been learning the subtle details of mindfulness along with you, Mindful Tribe. I've been learning from all my fantastic guests, and I've learned that it's important to understand about our emotions. That we have to live with our emotions, and to welcome and open to our emotions. That's pretty much where it all starts. Understanding that when we suppress our emotions, that's not a good thing. It's not healthy to suppress your emotions, push them away, do things so that we can just ignore them pretend they're not there. That's certainly something I've done a lot in my life. I've learned from my guests that many people push away their emotions.

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A Book

Being grateful is an important part of my life. Is this important to you, Mindful Tribe? It's great when you can truly allow yourself to appreciate whatever is in your life. a book called, ‘Letting Go; The Pathway of Surrender', by David R. Hawkins. What a great book. A number of guests on my show have recommended David Hawkins. This is only one of the books in the series, and I'm absolutely enjoying it.

One of my favorite books, which has to do with letting go is called ‘The Surrender Experiment', by Michael A Singer. Quite a few of my guests have suggested this book as well. This book is written like a novel and each chapter ends with a cliffhanger and it's very much an easy-read. It's about the how the author makes a decision early in his life, to simply let go; he makes this decision that he's going to lead his life by letting go and letting things unfold naturally, and basically to say yes, to whatever presents itself. And he decides to meditate a lot and have meditation as a central part of his life and use meditation as a way that he will deal with most aspects of his life. And it's really fascinating how things turn out. So if you haven't read this, I would recommend it.

A Wish

My holiday wish for you is that you are able to notice and embrace your emotions, whatever they are. Some of our emotions, of course, can be very painful. The emotions of fear, anger, and bereavement, you know, if you've lost a loved one in your life, I truly feel for you. It's really important to embrace these emotions. Also, besides learning to embrace the emotions, my holiday wish for you is that you would be able to genuinely ask yourself, these three questions. And the three questions can make a massive difference in your life as to how you process your emotions, and whether you actually do process your emotions.

Hold a Pen

Before I tell you what the three questions are, I just want to say that, one of the things I've learned is that the most effective and most life changing things that I've learned in my life have been the simplest. As humans, we tend to over complicate things, we tend to think that for something to be effective, and really worthwhile. It has to be something that either costs a lot of money or takes a lot of time to learn, or is just very difficult to comprehend it. Well, actually, I think in some ways, the opposite is true. Sometimes some of these things are very, very simple. And the person who teaches this process of focusing on these three questions, suggests you pick up a pen and hold it. He says, just hold the pen loosely. Then he says okay, release it and drop it.

Easier Than You Think

That's how easy it actually is to let go of your emotion that's holding you back. Simply let go of what's bothering you. This method is taken from the Sedona Method, and that's at sedona.com. This is something that I learned from Hale Dwoskin, the man who teaches the Sedona Method. I interviewed Hale Dwoskin back in July of 2020. The episode was # 570. So you can go to MindfulnessMode.com/570, and you can hear Hale on that episode. He is a New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Sedona Method', and he's featured in a movie called Letting Go. You'll learn more about him if you listen to that episode. This method called The Sedona Method was invented first by Lester Levinson and he wrote a book called, Happiness is Free and It's Easier Than You Think. This is a five book series. The teachings boil down to three questions.

What Bothers You?

Think to yourself, is there a situation in your life that really irritates you, that really bothers you. Do you realize that you're thinking about this a lot? Maybe there's a person in your life, that that really rubs you the wrong way? Or maybe someone at work irritates you? Maybe you think about this person a lot and you wish that they weren't in your life. Start with this focus of, what is this thing that is bothering you? Listen to the episode to hear the three questions.

Finding Peace

So I encourage you to just consider these three questions. And in my opinion, that's a holiday gift is to help you understand that peace, for all of us can lie in the answers to these three questions. Calm focus, and happiness can be achieved by answering these three questions. Calm focus and happiness can also be achieved in other ways, too. I mean, there are a number of ways you can find peace in your life.

Self-hypnosis is one of the tools that has really worked for me and made a big difference. The thing about hypnosis is that it works for nearly every issue. Hypnosis is incredible. I am so fortunate to be a trained hypnotist so I can help other people. But I can help myself, I can do self hypnosis, and understand that hypnosis works for almost anything that is holding you back or causing you angst, whether you're not sleeping well. Whether you have a lot of fear, you have a bad habit that you just really want to release, you want to let go of it? Well, Self Hypnosis will help you do that. And maybe it's trauma or pain or motivation, you know, you just can't get motivated for something. Well, hypnosis can help.

27 Ways?

My hypnosis teacher Erica Flint taught me that hypnosis can help with almost every issue (Erica on Mindfulness Mode). Maybe you've tried 27 ways to quit smoking, and then the 28th way was hypnosis, and that worked for you. Well, hypnosis works for many people, including me. When so many other things didn't work, no matter what you've tried already, hypnosis can be the answer you're looking for. So I have been very grateful to have worked with quite a few different clients throughout 2021 and we've met with success.

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