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526 Mindfulness In Real Estate; Catalyst Group Founder, Stacy Bahrenfuss

April 26, 2020

Stacy Bahrenfuss has uniquely integrated mindfulness and meditation practices into her real estate company, Catalyst Group. She uses her Limitless Mindset practice as a tool to help people learn how to become a magnet for success. Stacy started her real estate company at the early age of 19, sustained through the housing crisis of 2007-2010, and continued to build the business to be a 7-figure operation and one of the top real estate teams in the state of Idaho. She has personally funded a development project consisting of 11 upper-tier new luxury homes while still operating her real estate team. Stacy also brings over a decade of experience in meditation, personal development, and results coaching.

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Effect on Emotions

  • “It has allowed me to manage my emotions. Be aware and allow them to exist, not to change them.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “It fuels everything.”
  • “It's very important because it's always with you. You can take it wherever you go and lean on with it.”

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Bullying Story

  • “What's interesting about bullying is where that bully child is coming from. Quite often, it's a scream for help or it's the way to cope with emotions that they don't understand.”
  • “Being aware of that is what I have to offer.”