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513 A Miserable To Magnificent Marriage; Sam and Paddy Cullinane

March 11, 2020

Sam and Paddy Cullinane have personal, real-life experience at taking marriage from miserable to magnificent. In fact, that is the title of their new book, Marriage: From Miserable To Magnificent. They were so miserable they went so far as to sign divorce papers. Due to an incredible turn of events, they are now one of the happiest couples they know. Their book is told in a practical, yet humorous format presented as He Said, She Said and followed by the science to support their conclusions (They Say). They share formulas to deal with conflict, arguments and fighting as well as a simple solution to improve your sex life. Sam and Paddy are also hosts of ‘The Not-So-Perfect Couple’ podcast.

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Most Influential Person

  • Patrick: Sam Cullinane
  • Sam: Julianna Raye of Unified Mindfulness

Effect on Emotions

  • Sam: Well, mindfulness allows me to understand what I'm feeling to begin with because I think a lot of times I just let, I realized now that I've let my emotions sort of push me around in my life. Now I recognize I'm not my emotions. They are something that happens to me. So those recognitions have changed my life entirely.
  • Patrick: The feelings are real, but how you choose to react to the feelings, that's what you have control over. So the emotion is typically your choice in reaction or your body's physical reaction to the feelings.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Patrick: Well, that's interesting because we spent a day with a Peruvian Shaman last year who talked to us about breathing and ever since he was talking to us about it, I see it. I'm like, oh my God, somebody told us about this last year and so he was talking to us about this now and so you know how the universe conspires to put things in front of you once you figure it out. Um, but yeah, we will use just taking a normal breath in a day where we're doing what, 28 percent capacity of our lungs and feeding your body. And so just forcing yourself to breathe when I feel any stress or laying there having trouble sleeping or any of that, I just breathe. I try to maximize my lung capacity, hold it for a little bit, oxygenate my body and then breathe out. Then I have to do that, focus on my breathing when I meditate.
  • Sam: It's amazing, but as soon as I take my mind to my breath, I'm in the moment. It's immediate. So I love to use that in meditation. I use it if I get frustrated, I focus on the breath. Breath is instrumental in my life and my mindfulness practice.

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