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509 Resilience Despite Abuse and Betrayal; Ola Muhammed

February 26, 2020

Ola Muhammed is the founder and creative director of Ijorere designs and has worked with some major celebrities including NBA superstar player Lebron James and music recording artist J.Cole. When Ola was choosing a career, she was told that her dream of becoming an architect was not suited for a black woman. Even though people tried to step on her neck on the way up, it didn't stop her. She looked at her goal as a challenge and became a highly successful architect living in the most affluent neighborhood in Illinois. Ola learned that what holds people back the most from achieving their dreams is not racism but self hate.


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Contact Info

  • Company: Ijorere Designs
  • Website: www.Ijorere.com
  • Book: Get Your Foot Off My Neck by Ola Muhammed

Most Influential Person

  • Her Mother

Effect on Emotions

  • “I realized the power of simple things.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “Breathe deep to stay calm.”

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