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490 Releasing What Weighs You Down; JJ Flizanes

December 22, 2019

JJ Flizanes is an author, coach and podcast host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast Show. JJ is vibrant and determined and she’s a great connector of people. She is also an expert on the Law of Attraction and has been personally practicing this law for over twenty years, enabling her to help others move through their pain and frustrations. JJ is hosting an upcoming event in January 2020 in California called Releasing What Weighs You Down.

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The Conversation…

Bruce: How do you feel that mindfulness dovetails in with the law of Attraction?

JJ: Hand in hand. Just be in a state of allowing and that's what the Law of Attraction is about, it's about a state of allowing. They're not 100% the same but they're needed and they both co-exist at the same time all the time.

Bruce: When was the first time have you heard and learned about the Law of Attraction?

JJ: The first time I really understood the Law of Attraction on a different level about it was in 2002. My life coach at the time sent me an Abraham Hicks CD. When I heard “You are the creator of your own reality”, that really hit me pretty hard.

Bruce: What are your thoughts on the movie The Secret?

JJ: I think it did a good job of making people aware of the Law of Attraction but it did not do a good job explaining the power behind it.

Bruce: What are some of the tools that you use when someone first comes to you and seek out your coaching?

JJ: I run a 30-day manifestation challenge. I develop guided visualizations, meditations, that people can use.

Bruce: What are the biggest hurts and pains that people have who are coming to you for help.

JJ: Relationship is a big one. I have a lot of people who want to work on their relationship.

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