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429 You Are Loved; Heart-Centered Confidence Coach, Kim O’Neill

May 22, 2019

Kim O'Neill is an Empowerment and Interview Confidence Coach for heart-centered professionals. She hosts the ‘Every Day is a New Day’ podcast and is a bestselling author of the Positive Minded People book. In April 2019, her second book ‘You Are Loved, An Inspired Meditative Visual Journey’ was released. As an inspirational speaker, Kim reminds audiences about the importance of knowing who they are; the informational value of their emotions; and how to move forward when they don’t know how. More self-love, confidence, and bravery are just some of the results her clients achieve.

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Contact Info

  • Company: Kim Oneill Coaching
  • Website: https://www.kimoneillcoaching.com
  • Blog: https://www.kimoneillcoaching.com/home/blog
  • Instagram: @everydayisanewdayshow
  • Facebook: @kimoneillcoaching
  • Book: You Are Loved

Most Influential Person

  • Oprah

Effect on Emotions

  • It supports me in allowing to feel my emotions. To be mindful of when am I trying to block my emotions…

Thoughts on Breathing

  • It's the beginning of what I do. It's the beginning of every meditation sessions that I do. It helps me re-center…

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