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393 Movement Makers Community Founder, Eiji Morishita

January 17, 2019

Eiji Morishita is the Founder of the Movement Makers, whose mission is empower 1000 leaders over the next 10 years to start a movement that impact millions of lives.  His purpose is to ignite souls to step into their calling. Eiji has been part of several movements including the spread of the Sushi Movement in North America and building over 100 schools in Guatemala.  He is currently creating, building, & advising dozens of movements through his community on the world's toughest issues. His clients and the Movement Makers Community have been featured on the NY Times Best Seller List, TED, and many more. Eiji is a genius in creating practical & tactical solutions to create fun, easy, and profitable Speaking Training Coaching businesses.

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Most Influential Person

  • Mahatma Gandhi

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has been extremely helpful, especially when it comes to making decisions as well. What works for me is when my emotions are at an even keel or so are settled; if it's not too high or too low or just going up and down.
  • There's the old saying, when emotions go up, intelligence goes down.
  • So mindfulness helps settle the emotions and process emotions so I can make decisions from a place of peace and a place of joy.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • That's been very powerful because the things that I use for mindfulness, you know, breathwork is important. Just stopping and paying attention to my breath. So there's several different types of [exercises].
  • I just take deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth. I do various [versions], like one for two counts or four for four counts in. It depends on the day.
  • Afterwards, my body feels energized, my mind feels clear and it really helps take emmotional baggage off my plate. Also the other ways that I know is by walking or running. That is my form of meditation as well.

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Bullying Story

  • English is my second language and I grew up in the eighties and nationalism was very high. I was bullied mostly from fourth grade all the way through junior high. Definitely I think mindfulness [would have made a difference].
  • What's interesting is, I was bullied in elementary school and junior high. And then on Saturday school, which is Japanese school, I was a bully myself. So I was being bullied first, then was a bully in Japanese school.
  • From being bullied, I think mindfulness would have been really helpful for me to check into my emotions and process those emotions versus suppressing it or, or just avoiding it completely. I think it also gives me a perspective of what's going on, um, that I wouldn't be in reaction mode that I have to respond as well.
  • I think mindfulness would have been very helpful and I think it would allow me to address my feelings instead of just ignoring them.

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