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358 Learn How Meditation Leads To Success; Biz Women Rock Host Katie Krimitsos

September 17, 2018

Katie Krimitsos is a mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, business strategist, seeker and change maker.  She's committed to brightening the light of women around the world - through her Biz Women Rock community, which supports Women Entrepreneurs - and now through her new podcast,Meditation for Women, guided meditations that are specifically created with the special journey of women in mind.

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  • Oprah

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has clarified my emotions and slowed them down. It has detached the emotions from who I am and what my actions are going to be and it's really slowed down that process. My actions and who I show up to be is a lot more intentional.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Oh breathing is huge. I think it's probably the core of my mindfulness practice. It's the core of everything for me. So there are times where the very first thing that I'll do is just stop, close my eyes, take three deep breaths. And even just that allows me to find that pause and get centered. It's huge.

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Bullying Story

  • Actually have a reverse kind of a story which I think is really interesting. I am the mom to a two and a half year old, very strong willed, very opinionated, very chock full of personality, little girl.
  • So [she's] two and a half and she goes to school a couple days a week and there have been a couple instances where she's hitting and she's like, you know, kind of like somebody takes her toy and she hits or you know, she didn't want somebody to touch her so she hits, right.
  • And I have found that this is a very uncomfortable but necessary for my husband and I. We have already had this conversation of like, dude, she's one of those kids who's going to go after what she wants.
  • She's the one who walks in the room with a class full of kids who are like a year older than her and she will take over the room, which is a great skill. But we both realize we really have to make sure that we're watching this so it doesn't turn into bullying. We [believe we] can really massage it into all the great skills that are a [strong leader].
  • So that was the most recent experience that I've had with really recognizing it and needing to teach her those lessons of when it's okay to be physical with somebody. I mean, I don't want my kid to get beaten up either.
  • I don't want people to just take from her and that can be okay. So I want her to learn how to stand for herself and when it is not okay. So that's the most in my face bullying thing that I'm super aware of right now as a mother, oh my goodness. And it's, it's scary because I'm in charge of that.
  • And so for mindfulness, obviously mindfulness for me and Chris as parents and being aware of that and needing to deal with that in the moment and actively trying to teach her what to do when you get angry and how can you breathe? And we do that.
  • [We tell her] hey, when you're mad, you know, stomp your feet and take a deep breath. And sometimes if she's really mad she'll be like, no, I don't want to. But you know she's learning that.
  • So she's learning to take a deep breath, do the pause, so that you can see what's going on versus what the emotions are driving you to.

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