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325 Be a Little Crazy Says Storyteller Devin Galaudet

May 28, 2018

Devin Galaudet is editor-in-chief of 'In The Know Traveler' and he's visited 85 coutries around the world. He's in the process of marrying his wife 100 times in 100 countries. He's accomplished 20 times in 15 countries so far. He's appeared on Fox, NBC, ReInvention Radio among others. His writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, TravelAge West, Citron Review, Skylight Magazine. Devin has written a memoir called, Ten Thousand Miles With My Dead Father's Ashes, available in bookstore in September, 2018. It answers the question, what do you do when you lose your father's ashes?

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Most Influential Person

  • Anna Korea King (A woman I studied the Western Mysteries with)

Effect on Emotions

  • I can't begin to tell you how important mindfulness is towards my day to day life and I think it comes in a variety of forms in religion and spirituality and philosophy and all kinds of different doctrines and things like that.
  • I think what it's given me is to kind of look beyond how I might be feeling in any given moment to understand that I am part of this great fantastic thing called life and I get to appreciate that thing.
  • Again, some moments and some days are more difficult than others. But overall I'm, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I think getting started, it is very challenging because we want to fall back on old ideas.
  • I was raised in a certain way so I keep thinking, well I'm that guy and the truth of the matter is I'm not that guy anymore and I haven't been that guy for many years.
  • So having that gratitude, you stay on the wheel, so to speak.
  • You keep working on yourself and remaining conscious. The more that happens, all these other doors start opening up. I started developing more gratitude and more compassion for other people.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Well, I think there's a physiological thing that goes on when we get bad news or we're agitated and that becomes more shallow breaths. That becomes less awareness.
  • I think there are just things that go on. And the first thing that I do is try to almost automatically go into a slower breath. I want to fill my lungs up just to either breathe in this good news or just acknowledge it.
  • Okay, here's this thing that's going on, but I don't need to be flipped out by it. So why don't I just take long, slow breaths?

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • Yes, I was bullied when I was six or seven years old. And you know, it's hard to describe. Again, this is something that comes from the book.
  • My mother thought that I was a Barbie doll and so she would quite literally dress me in pantaloons and ruffled shirts and buckled shoes and I grew up in like nineteen seventies, Los Angeles. And that is a recipe for getting picked on.
  • As I recall, every boy was wearing like sears, tough skin jeans and everybody was wearing work boots and you know, I mean that's the way my father dressed and that's what I wanted. And so I would get dressed up in these costumes that were, it was, I mean, again, you can look back and you smile at it, but at the time it was just demoralizing.
  • I would go, who wears velvet knickers, like other than like somebody from a French Dandy from the seventeen hundreds. But I was. I don't even know where my mother found culottes for boys, but that's how I was sent to school.
  • And so that without question separated me from most kids and I took some lumps over that and you know, again, I don't know if it's ironic, but once my father got wind of it and my father was a pretty prideful guy and I was kind of a slight built guy and my father was just a wide shoulder, big forearms, the whole thing.
  • And he was very much like, you know, I want to transmit my father and use his language, but that would probably be inappropriate for a family audience. But he made it essentially very clear that you are going to stand up for yourself, you are getting into fistfights wherever necessary.
  • And he took me in the backyard and taught me to do things that really were probably on the edge of right and wrong. But looking back at it, it was something that I think for me as a young man, certainly considering the time, that was just part of what needed to take place.