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311 Become The Steward Of Your Emotional Dragon; Mellissa Seaman

April 9, 2018

Mellissa Seaman is a Stanford educated lawyer turned intuitive business Strategist. She's the creator of Soul Gift Quiz which has helped thousands of people worldwide discover their deepest gift; to align with life fulfillment and business success. Fortune 100 executives hire her to help them become channels of genius to create products in the world in collaboration with the highest power to make sure they create things that matter.

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Most Influential Person

  • My daughter Clarice

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness makes my emotions possible to live with. My emotions are big. I'm an emotional type. My emotions hold a lot of charge and a lot of intelligence.
  • Without mindfulness, my emotions feel like a crazy dragon ready to consume me. And with mindfulness I can ride that dragon and I can be the steward of that dragon and allow that dragon to take me where I need to go.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is just the first touchstone. It's everything, you know, the breath is everything.
  • I've done a lot of breath work, especially when I was living at Harbin Hot Springs and helping to lead breath work events there. I became so much more aware of my breath and even now, as you mentioned my breath, I can feel like my breath is a little bit high because I'm eager, you know.
  • So it reminds me to just sort of let my belly soften and let my whole body soften and arrive even more, even in the midst of my eagerness to be with you.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • What comes to mind for me is that I do work with a lot of parents of very intuitive kids and I call them dragon kids because sometimes these kids have so much energy in their bodies that they might get labeled as having some condition, whether it's ADHD or autism.
  • I'm not a doctor so I can't say what those things are and who's what and blah, blah blah. But I do notice that there are a movement of kids now who have so much much energy in their little tiny bodies, you know, like there's so such big spirits.
  • And when I work with the parents of those kids and occasionally with the kids directly, which is super fun too, a lot of what we do is to help those kids become more mindful. And we want them to have resources to become centered and to relax into their own invisible team.
  • A lot of those kids are actually very aware that they have guardian angels or imaginary friends or some force that they can listen to you when they're quiet in here.
  • Getting them back in touch with that, in my mind, is what can also help them in instances where they're being bullied for being big or for being out of control or whatever.
  • That invisible team is right there for them and they have a different reference point than just these kids were holding themselves as the authorities on the playground, which of course they're not.
  • They're just more kids looking for their own power, looking to hold power in a way that can feel safe to them. And so mindfulness, in addition to the intuitive gifts, acknowledging and welcoming intuitive gifts, I feel like be a huge benefit to especially the sensitive empathic supercharged dragon kids.