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303 Be A Truth-Digger To Share Your Story; Dawn Gluskin

March 12, 2018

Dawn Gluskin is a storyteller, copywriter, and a truth-digger. She helps entrepreneurs tell their stories that need to be heard in the world. She's been in sales & marketing for over 20 years & grew her first business to 7-figures at age 30. She stands for full self-expression & vulnerability as the means to a well-lived life & thriving business.

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Most Influential Person

  • Felix Lopez, a healer I met in Colorado.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness is just about being aware. In the past I just tried to stuff it down if I didn't want to feel it. Like, I don't want to feel this so I'll just pretend it's not here or I'll just be happy.
  • It's really about feeling it. I'm feeling into what are you trying to tell me, sadness or anger or whatever it is.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Focusing on breath is a really great way to bring you present, you know, just slow inhales and exhales. Instantly, you're right back in the moment.

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Bullying Story

  • I never really was bullied. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I was quiet and shy as a kid and so I think I stayed off people's radar.
  • When you said that, there was something that came to mind with my daughter who is is ten. She's a very sensitive soul. She's like, an old soul; very sensitive.
  • I first realized this when she was four, we went to the Vet because my dog had eaten something he wasn't supposed to eat. And we're in sitting at the Vet's and she's like, Mommy, I don't feel good in my stomach. And I was like, oh, did you eat something? And she's like, no, animals are hurt here, animals have died here.
  • I thought, where did that come from. But I just realized she's really in tune with people and she's mindful of people's energy. And so how that shows up for her sometimes is in her relationship with her friends.
  • There was a particular girl who's a very sweet girl, but if she didn't get her way, she would always say to my daughter, I'm not going to be your friend anymore. She would leave and she would leave my daughter in tears just from being so sensitive.
  • A lot of well-meaning family members would say to her, you need to toughen up. It's a tough world out there, you need to be tougher.
  • I took a different approach. I said to her, no, you're perfect and complete just as you are. Your sensitivity is actually a gift and sometimes it might not feel like that, but it is a gift to the world.
  • And I think how you eliminate the bully is by building up the individual so you can be mindful of who you are and just embrace even the parts that are difficult; the parts that you might feel weird about sometimes.
  • I taught her no, that's who you are and you don't need to change. The world needs to change. I really empowered her around it. And then we even worked through it with her friend and you know, everything is all beautiful. It was a beautiful lesson for both of them, even for the friend was like, well, she's just expressing how she feels. She doesn't know how to express that in another way and it's not about you. She's not trying to hurt you. That's about her. So it was a good lesson for both of them.