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289 Darwin, Creationism, and Mindfulness With Perry Marshall

January 22, 2018

Perry Marshall is an author, an engineer and an expert in on-line marketing. He's also a thought leader in the area of creationism and evolution. His recent book, Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, is a look at Perry's research and his conclusions regarding common opinions surrounding creationism and evolution. Perry concludes that neither side is telling you the whole story. Perry's Google Adwords books have resulted in the 100 billion dollar pay-per-click industry. He's written the world's best-selling book on web advertising called, Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.

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Most Influential Person

  • Gerry Hogg - a woman from northern Ireland who taught me a keltic way of connecting to nature. One of the biggest shifts I've ever had in my life.

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has caused my emotions to be a lot calmer. What we'd all like this to be is, now I'm going to do my mindfulness exercises and within three days everything's going to be fine. For me it really took months and years.
  • We humans are complex beings. We have a lot of garbage and we have deep closets with lots of bones and stuff. Over a period of years, the difference is profound. I used to be a bag of snakes. I'm a lot more composed than I used to be and it's nice.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is important to me to a degree. Probably not as much as some people.
  • We have two special needs, adopted kids. Anybody that's done adoptions knows that you deal with all kinds of stuff. One of the first things that you do with a kid that's triggered, is breathe. CJ - take a breath.
  • You can do that with a CEO and everybody's going to say, take a breath. Most people will actually do that. It will work, even in a meeting - "everybody take a breath, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. It resets.

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Bullying Story

  • When I was thirteen, it was going in both directions. I got beat up on by a bunch of different people.
  • I decided I was going to toughen up and not take this anymore and so i started getting aggressive with other people so you could say I was bullying him. He said to me, hey, you and me, we're going to fight after school. I thought, Oh crap. And I couldn't back down.
  • I let my ego get in my way. So we go out and we have this fight and I lost. A big crowd of kids wathcing the whole thing. At first I was doing well and then I was running out of gas.
  • He starts prevailing and then I had to give up. Now that's embarrassing. A little more mindfulness, self awareness would have helped. When he said, hey dude, I thought, this is a bad idea, but I did not have enough integrity, enough self-honesty to go, you know what, I would rather apologize to you and not get into this with you.
  • I should have said, you win, I lose. That would have been a smaller defeat than the one I ended up having. There was actually some schrapnall as a result. It was just bad.
  • I think this happens all the time with people. It's not usally a fist fight behind a school. But it could be the proverbial fistfight between companies, between CEO's.
  • These things, like, we're going into this market. And the other person saying, I don't really think you should go into that market. That's a bad idea. Then years later they lose several million dollars and they have to write it off.