226 Stop Pinching Yourself Off With Negativity Says Allison Sutter

June 19, 2017

Allison Sutter is a contemporary spiritual teacher well known for her ability to seamlessly blend spirituality and practical self-help teachings. She does this in such a way that she makes spirituality relevant to daily life. Allison has created life-changing digital courses that serve students in over 32 countries. Mindfulness is a central focus of her life everyday - that’s how she is so powerful in her ability to help others. She resides with her husband and 3 girls in Chicago.

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Most Influential Person

  • My mom. (She died when I was twenty but she still influences me).

Effect on Emotions

  • I understand what my emotions are. I understand they're our guidance system so I can bring myself back into a place of feeling good which opens up this mindfulness aspect which gives me all the present solutions that I need for positive transformation in the situation that I'm in.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • As much as I possibly can on any given day, whatever I'm doing, I can use mindful meditation in picking clovers from the grass or I can be sitting trying to connect with spiritual guides or whatever it is.
  • Feeling the depth of the breath and feeling the expanses  going into it and finding, in a good way, the abyss below which is connected to everything I guess you could say.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • There's a story every single day in every school system around the country where one child is so disconnected from who they really are. They come at another kid with a vengeance every day.
  • For my own girls, what I do when they come home with these stories, first we talk about the fact that the person coming at them is disconnected from who they really are. They're so angry, jealous & upset at whatever they got going in their life. It's causing them to feel and act in a particular way.
  • First we center them and then we say, what do you think.  Whether it's an immediate friend of theirs or something they witnessed. Are you a bystander in this? Are you helping? So we talk about the situation itself and how they can center.
  • From this place of center they can make a decision. Every situation is different.
  • Last night my daughter got some text messages which caused her to cry and it was about a school project. We talked about how the child sent these from a place of disconnection.
  • If you disconnect and just come at them, it just complicates the issue. Helping them center themselves and just go out into the world as an example of how you center yourself.
  • One person who's centered can literally be the wave of positivity that brings the others into their spirit of influence.
  • Negativity doesn't last forever and it's not who we really are.