209 Hug Your Bully To Your Heart Urges Lily Wong

April 20, 2017

Lily Wong is a teacher, podcaster, and a world traveler who strives to find ways to give back. Her life’s journey has been fascinating and she continues to add shimmering layers to her experiences. Her Chinese podcast called, Learn English So You Can Travel has been downloaded more than 20 million times, and is recorded in her native language of Mandarin. Her newest podcast is called ‘Fly With Lily where she shares bits of her life’s story so listeners can benefit from her beautiful story-telling abilities.

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Most Influential Person

  • Dr. Wayne Dyer

Effect on Emotions

  • A lot of people might be jealous of my life right now because I can do whatever I want and I can go wherever I want but travel is not always so sexy. I find [I can be] very negative or very anxious. I was constantly looking for a place to stay and when people tell me, oh sorry, Lilly you can't stay here anymore because my parents are coming to visit, you need to find your own place. That message makes me feel very anxious; makes me feel not loved. I think mindfulness makes me feel like I can recognize these messages. They can be a trigger to my past. I can work on that next time when I hear the same thing. How do I transfer; how do I make it different?

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing - I haven't thought about that. Especially breathing during meditation where they ask me to notice my breathing. I also like to practice yoga as well. I notice that I kind of held my breath when I practice yoga. Then I ask myself to breathe more; to enjoy the air when it's morning. Breathing is kind of like a tool to help you to live in the moment.

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Bullying Story

  • When I was a teenager I was at the lowest point in my life because I was so focused on myself and I constantly liked to beat myself up. I wanted to; I liked to beat myself up. Then I wrote a lot of suicidal messages in my journal. I felt I was in the dark. I felt really good to beat myself up.
  • When I was a student I got all straight A's and I worked really hard but deep inside I was not happy. Several people liked to pick on me. They called me names and they tried to hit me.
  • They wanted to do stuff to me and I was scared but I also found myself fearless at some points because I was already beating myself up. What worse could happen? It was that mindset that helped me avoid physical abuse.
  • After a few years, I learned that people who bully people; they are actually the biggest bullies to themselves. They say mean stuff to others in order to make them feel good. In my head, I was judging people and I was judging myself too. I'm much better now; I don't judge people so much. I can really tell whether my message is from my ego or my intuition or from love.
  • If you've experienced a bullying in your life, I want you to hug those bullies in your heart. Try to be nice to those bullies in your heart. Try to see them as your family in your heart.