195 How Mindset Will Improve Your Business With Donnie DeSanti

March 2, 2017

Donnie Desanti is a health & wellness coach, teaching people to lose weight and regain their energy naturally so they never diet again ever. Before coaching, he battled ADHD and had some medication challenges before making changes in his diet and lifestyle. He has successfully been medication free for over 20 years. He also witnessed his mother go through a similar struggle, clearing her breast cancer through holistic methods. She is now cancer free and has been free of cancer for 19 years. It has become Donnie’s passion to help others renew their health and enjoy life to their fullest potential.

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Most Influential Person

  • Deepak Chopra

Effect on Emotions

  • It goes back to what I was saying about growing up. Things don't really stick so much. Life's struggles. Of course, I still have them; I'm human like everyone else. If you're working on that mindfulness, you control your emotions a little more, or you don't wear them on your sleeve so much. Some of life's struggles don't really stick to you so much. You really try to protect that inner peace as much as you can. I try to keep my emotions steady, but there are times when we have those ups and downs. For the most part, I think that being more mindful just helps a lot with the emotions.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • If we go from a health standpoint, we could talk about eating nutrient-rich food and drinking water and exercising but our breath is [so important] we can't survive without it. Some of us can only go a couple of seconds without it. It's something that I encourage my clients to and promote to get in touch without breathing and to breathe more and to breathe purposefully and to really concentrate on that. I try to get some kind of breath work in on a daily basis. Whether it be a meditation practice concentrating on the breath or a deep breathing practice. I think it's so essential because it is that kind of life force that many of us don't pay attention to, we take it for granted, but we get stressed out, we get angry, the first thing that starts to become restricted is our breathing. It's so important and I try to make a daily practice for myself.

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Bullying Story

In my own life growing up, I was kind of a worrisome kid. I had my share of getting picked on and getting bullied. There were times when kids picked on me and it would hurt. There'd be that one kid I struggled with in class. Looking back I think as I got more into mindfulness and meditation, certain things just don't stick to you as much when you have that kind of practice going where you are more mindful. I think that would have helped a lot. These kinds of fears and worries that I had of just calming down, getting that quietness. I think a lot of these things that I struggled with probably wouldn't have stuck as much. I would have brushed them off a little bit more.