192 Mindfulness Wisdom With Blockgeeks Co-Founder, Ameer Rosic

February 20, 2017

Ameer Rosic is an entrepreneur through and through. He's created and sold businesses. He's a connector, a practical systems guy and he calls himself a 'wild dog'. He's intense, determined and focused on what matters in his world. Part of what matters is being fully in the game which he achieves in part with his own brand of mindfulness.

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Most Influential Person

  • Joseph Campbell (Author)

Effect on Emotions

  • It made me more aware and conscious of what emotions I have.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I would say this is the best thing I've added in my life in the last six months. It gives you clarity. It's not like, this is going to happen next week. It's like after ten minutes, I'm humming. It gives you clarity of mind. It gives you this energetic hum on your body. You feel euphoric. You literally feel like a million bucks. The great thing about this breathing is that you can't concentrate on anything else. It's so heavy, you have to be concentrating on the breathing because it's hyper ventilation. Hand's down I would call breathing a technology like meditation is. Breathing is a technology.
  • In a nutshell, it's like this: you have thirty rounds of this. You would inhale as much as you can. Then exhale fast. Do that thirty times and on the thirtieth round, the last inhale you have, you exhale and you hold as long as you can. You have a stop watch. So you have no oxygen, you have no breath in you. If you can't hold it any longer, you time that and take one big breath and then you hold that too. There are two holds back to back. Then you let go. Then do the whole process again. Do the whole process between three to five rounds. That takes about ten minutes. I learned this from Wim Hoff, it's the Wim Hoff Breathing Method.

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Bullying Story

I was bullied as a child. My parents were imigrants. Culturally we're different. I grew up in Toronto, but my parents were from Yuguslavia. Back then it was communist Yuguslavia; very different then. I was bullied, not too much in elementary school, but I was more bullied at the end of grade 8; the last year of elementary school. Then in grade 9, I was bullied at the beginning and something switched in me and I snapped one day and I beat up my bully. Then I realized that's power. That was kind of like the stepping stone for me.