190 How To Live Through Death and Heaven With Mindfulness Explains Cherie Aimee

February 13, 2017

Cherie Aimee has the vision to run mastermind retreats around the world, and she mentors emerging leaders who want to create massive impact. She has personally been through major health crisis including a near death experience where her heart flat-lined for 90 minutes. A team of 100 doctors and surgeons at the cost of three million dollars helped bring her back to the healthy, vibrant life she now enjoys. Her story has been shared extensively, including being featured on the History Channel.

Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • My meditation teacher.


Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has allowed me to stabilize my emotions, to manage them more effectively and to handle stress.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is a huge part of my mindfulness practice. I always utilize deep breathing, it allows me to go deeper into that meditation practice. I highly recommend it.


Suggested Resources

  • Book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
  • App: Carolyn Myss www.myss.com

Bullying Story

I definitely can think of two instances, both growing up; one was a best friend of mine. [It was] one of those things where I accepted a behavior for way too long; extreme bullying. This person was a class bully. It's crazy to think back to some of the things this person got away with. Mindfulness absolutely would have helped. I always felt, when I got bullied, that I had done something and to be honest and fair, when I would go to the guidance counsellor at the time, they would pull us both in and the bully would go through this whole [thing]; they would start crying and make it about them. It would be made to look like maybe I was misinterpreting. In schools I think they're still struggling with how to handle this. Back then they would just say, go make up. The guidance counsellor would say, what did you do to invoke that? If I was more aware of who I was and my own self worth and my own powerful beauty as a soul, I wouldn't have allowed that kind of behavior. I would not have continued to allow somebody like that to even be considered a friend.