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356 Global Zen Consciousness Conference Founder; Shi DeRu

September 12, 2018

DeRu is the Founder of the Global Zen Consciousness Conference, the Founder & Chairman of the Global Zen Alliance, and a Kungfu Grand Master. He has served for over 10 years as head coach of the U.S. National Sanshou Team and is a Technical Chairman for the Pan American Wushu-kungfu Federation. His vast Kungfu experience has resulted in him being known as the “American Godfather of Sanshou” around the world. He has spent time sharing and teaching Zen Consciousness, which advocates daily conscious meditative action to heighten and expand one’s consciousness. He is also dedicated to bridging the gap between theoretical physics and Zen consciousness.

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Most Influential Person

  •   A past chief monk in charge of the Shaolin temple

Effect on Emotions

  • Oh, it's beautiful. You know, sometimes of course you get angry, you get upset. But normally for me it's 30 seconds. And then I get over with it.
  • You know, human beings react to things. Then I breathe back to my knowledge state. That's just mindfulness.
  • To me meditation is a conscious mode and back into the conscious mode. But most people probably are in reaction mode all the time.
  • But I think when people do meditation; I do three hours a day, two hours a day, minimum one hour a day, every single day, seven days a week for 50 something years.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I like to breathe into my abdomen and just listen to my breath and get into that meditative mood right away.
  • And then I see things in a different way a minute later and totally different from a minute before.

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Bullying Story

  • I know a lady, her name is Pat and she's 81 years old. She was 81 years old a couple of years ago. She came to do some self defense with me and to learn how to survive as an 81 year old, single who sleeps by herself.
  • I told her a couple of things. The first thing was, you have to meditate everyday to be mindful, to be conscious. That way, if anything happens you won't be chaotic and you'll be free of fear.
  • Then there was a 20 some year-old boy who came into her house and put a gun to her head. She said, 'how dare you, I know kungfu'.
  • And then she changed her mindset from the fear to kungfu mindset. That's consciousness. That's mindfulness. And the kid was just scared.

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