094 Do The Inner Work and The Outer Work To Become More Mindful Says Joan Sotkin

May 16, 2016

Joan Sotkin is a writer, speaker and broadcaster. She has described herself at times as a spiritual wanderer and has used crystals and minerals for healing and meditation. Her life journey has taken her from work as a teacher, radio host, network television personality and mindfulness healer. Health challenges and belief in mindfulness and natural healing have empowered Joan to become a holistic ‘Prosperity and Mindset Mentor’.

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Most Influential Person

  • Swami Parapanthi

Effect on Emotions

  • Well it has helped me get in touch with them and helped me learn how to reprogram my habitual emotions when necessary.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I do deep breathing every day. I mean for me it's essential rather than just breathing, breathing I do deep breathing. Anytime I feel myself contracting about anything I just will take five to ten deep breathes. When I get into bed I take a number of deep breaths just to kind of let go of the day. I think that anytime you're under stress it is really important to do deep dire-forma tic breathing, not breathing from your upper chest but breathing from your abdomen.

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Advice for Newbie

  • Sit still for five minutes a day. One of the exercises I give to some of my clients is never go through a yellow light, in other words when you come up to a yellow light don't put your foot on the gas, stop which is really hard for type a people. So that to me is one of the exercises. The other one is to sit with your eyes closed for five minutes.

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