076 Let Your Brain Have a Monologue of Love, Compassion & Understanding; Alex Hofeldt

April 4, 2016

Alex Hofeldt is a high school science teacher, specializing in biology and astronomy. Fascinated with science, the brain and human communication, Alex is also immersed in mindfulness, well-being andfitness and loves helping others see how happiness can be reached through the daily practice of mindfulness. Alex is also a yoga teacher, fitness instructor and podcaster, sharing his knowledge with the world on his Podcast called  Beautiful Dust Specks.

Contact Info

  • Podcast: Beautiful Dust Specks
  • Facebook: Beautiful Dust Specks & Yobility
  • Twitter: @yobility / @the_sciencepro

Most Influential Person

  • Tim Ferriss

Effect on Emotions

  • It slows me down in a great way. It opens you up and it slows you down to the moments of now. You look back on life and think about how many times you went from point A to point B without looking at all the different things in between. It also centers me a bit, it has an ease factor, it increases happiness, increases sleep, it's a wonderful tool to have in life.

Thoughts on Breathing

I do five big breaths here and there. Just to keep it simple with the kids we do five breath beginnings and then I'll vary it up. Some days I'll not think about my breathing and other times I'll consciously take in big inhales and exhale them quickly. Other times I'll try to sync the breathing up. I got a set of Tibetan Mala beads which I use to count the beads as I breathe.

Suggested Resources

Advice for Newbie

 Just take a deep breath, exhale and decide you're going to start it. Just attempt to do whatever you can do. I would start with the apps. I would not try to do it by myself.

Thank You Bonus:

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