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Your Presence is a Superpower; Elizabeth Tripp

May 26, 2021

Elizabeth Tripp is the owner and founder of Live Life By Your Design, a premium coaching practice that guides entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, and healers to be empowered to build lifestyles they love. She teaches her clients, using her gifts and the lessons she has learned from her own personal soul’s journey, that the secret to creating a lifestyle you love begins with loving the body you’re in. With her coaching, clients dissolve their limitations and bridge their minds and bodies to their soul’s desires. Elizabeth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and holds a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. She is certified as a Usui Reiki Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, and a Transcendental Meditation Coach. Elizabeth has served clients as a Master Coach since 2016 studying Light Body Healing and the soul journey.


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Most Influential Person

  • My coach, Alex. Located in Virginia Beach.

Effect on Emotions

  • Emotions are a part of the human experience, but they are not who I am. They are temporary and impermanent.
  • I always have a choice about how I want to feel and what I want to think.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is part of my mindfulness every day. Breath is how you connect with your physical temple, your sacred temple, this body that you're riding in.
  • With breath we can come back home and we can come back into alignment with who we really are by drawing a presence as we slow down to ourselves.
  • So breath is essential in that mindfulness practice in growing that alignment to yourself and getting to know who you are.

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Bullying Story

  • I was bullied as a kid, I was an overweight kid and that's why I had so much interest to go into nutrition. I was a very sensitive, empathic girl growing up. I could feel everybody's feelings and I had no idea what to do with this overwhelming sense of, I know what everybody's going through. It was really wild.
  • Because my parents weren't equipped to necessarily nurture this kind of empathic child, it was perfect for me, but at the time I would seek comfort with food. I would pack on the food to help me feel better but really pack on the pounds, as I did that.
  • I went into middle school after a couple years of using food as comfort. I was 5 foot 6 and 175 pounds. I was bigger than the other girls at 13. Most girls that age would be 95 to 115 pounds. The boys in my class made it very apparent that I was different and they teased me from the sixth grade to the eighth grade. They would do things like put notes in my locker and whisper things in my ear like ‘you're ugly' and ‘you're fat'.
  • It was really hard for me, very painful because I already felt weird and I didn't fit in. I felt I wasn't lovable and that I wasn't liked by my peers.
  • At the time I went really deep inside and I really hid the pain that I was feeling with food and also making the choice not to eat. It was fascinating to look back on. I went from stuffing my feelings in, to suddenly making a choice and saying, ‘I'm just not going to eat, I'm not going to feel'. I lost 60 pounds in 18 months.
  • By the time I went into high school I was a completely different looking human. I was skinny. People liked me. They said I was pretty. I had no idea how to handle it. In my mind, my dialogue was that ‘I was ugly'.
  • If I had been able to be connected with people who could provide me with tools like being able to be in touch with emotion and know that emotion is a normal part of being a human, and what to do with emotions, and how to let them out, then I think it would have produced a child that could have been more empowered to be able to stand in herself and make better choices with food and her body and speak up for the experience that she was going through because I didn't tell anybody about what happened to me. That would have been very, very useful.

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