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You Are Deathless; Nicole Angelique Kerr

August 21, 2022

Nicole Kerr is an award-winning health and wellness expert. Throughout her 30-year career, she has focused on supporting thousands of people from every walk of life to make realistic, meaningful choices for lifelong health. As a 19-year-old cadet at the US Air Force Academy, Nicole went through a transformative NDE. Her pursuit of improving her own health led her to inspire others to reach emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. You Are Deathless

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Most Influential Person

  • Her husband

Effect on Emotions

  • I learned a technique called neuro-emotional technique, which I became certified in, and then if I am not processing an emotion, I'm a somatic processor. So my body lets me know, I'll either belch or I usually will get a headache, and then I will work through what was it and it's usually one that's like shame, a difficult one that I don't want to feel. When it's triggering something from the past I go back and figure out what that is.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing will keep you alive. I woke up from one operation and they told me right before it was an emergency one, or they had to cut me all the way open and they said you will probably wake up with a ventilator.
  • Being on a ventilator respirator and the first thing you're going to notice is you're wanting to instinctively pull it out. So your hands are going to be tied down and I had to wait for two days. I looked at the clip and covered the clock up because I kept looking at the clock because I couldn't say anything. I had to do yes and no through eye motions, but I had to learn to force myself to breathe with the machine.
  • I am all about breathing when you have a panic attack or anxiety; it's about getting your breath and getting that under control, for instance, breathing exercises, deep breathing, and all forms of breathing. Don't stay in this shallow breathing, get it down to the belly.

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Bullying Story

  • It was recently with my parents. I got sick again about eight years ago. We were going on overdue when I was on a honeymoon, and I invited my parents to come to stay in Hawaii at our home.
  • And I got really sick. My mother told me the reason I got sick was that I had a Buddha in the house. She told me that I looked like a wreck, was sick, and I wasn't beautiful anymore. She said that I was doing something to make myself sick. She wanted to know if I was going to church and I said, No. I go to church at the beach. And I love meditating on my walks on the beach and in the ocean.
  • She said, Well, you're not a Christian now and my heart just sank. Because here she is this ultra-religious lady, doing what Jesus said, Judge not lest you be judged. So she got up from the table and left me there. And I looked at my dad, and I said, Dad, do you believe her? And he said, Wait, you've looked better and, and that was it.
  • My husband didn't know about that conversation till I had a panic attack and had to go into the hospital for that. And then they left. And that was, I finally got the courage to separate from my parents. Unfortunately, it took me a long time, because I was still trying to get from them what they couldn't give me.
  •  We really do want it and, and will suffer greatly trying to get something from them that they can't give us. 

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