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Use Mindfulness To Pivot During Anxious Times

April 2, 2020

Bruce (00:01):

Welcome to Mindfulness Mode and welcome to this special edition. I want to share some thoughts and ideas with you as we move through covid19. I mean, it's such a challenging time for a lot of people and, and it may not be for you, maybe it's not challenging for you at all, but there's one thing that I totally believe in. I think most people who are realists believe this. I'm not a pessimist. I can be an optimist, but I consider myself a realist. And that is that our world has changed in a major way. It is changed in a monumental way and we're going to start to see over the next few months what those ways really are. But man, wow, I was out today. I was in a store, one of the very, very few that's still open.

Bruce (01:03):

And I will tell you that people are so hesitant to be anywhere near each other, which is good because we must practice social distancing. We must do that to flatten the curve. But I mean, fear is settling into people. And, and I understand that completely because in my family we have some fears, we have a lot of fears, especially with my wife being a critical care nurse and working on the front lines and going in and have them tell her that, you know, she's only going to be given, you know, three masks for a 12-hour shift or two masks or a 12-hour shift or that there are only enough of those kinds of protective devices to last for a few more days. Man, that is scary. And my wife is not an alarmist, so I mean these are, these are challenging times. There's no question about it.

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