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Tune In To Your Teens’ Passion; Jonathan and Renee Harris

July 13, 2022

Jonathan and Renee Harris are a husband and wife team with 24 years of experience educating their children at home while running an online handcrafted skincare business. They now provide guidance to other parents to effectively lead their children to be inspired and to find their passion. Jonathan & Renee have graduated five of their nine children to create their own unique paths based on their interests and talents. To do so, they have developed a strategy called “Parent Their Passion.” which is used to create a compelling portfolio of the value of a child’s talent based on their personality and strengths.

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Effect on Emotions

  • It's coming back to that gratefulness. Like, at the end of the day, it could be a tough day. We will get together and just say, “What are the good things that happened?” You start to list one or two and that switches my mindset.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I'm gonna jump in on that one because I gave birth to nine children. I have learned a little bit about breathing.
  • Just that physical breathing when you're in the moment, because you notice the tension in your shoulders, and you know, when you're in labor, hard labor, it all comes down to breathing, taking your deep breath, and resting.
  • I could just apply that every time I get stressed; that would be amazing.

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Bullying Story

  •  I remember my own childhood, I was not bullied, but I had friends who were and I had to step in.
  • But I think about it most of the time unless it's a true gang situation. So what we're seeing, we're not talking about that, right? That is because they're trying so hard. And usually, they're trying so hard to fit in, and everybody kind of knows that they don't have their own thing going right.
  • So once you start throwing yourself into something, that's where the child may need the parent to help them cross that bridge. When you're good at something and you do it with passion, you start attracting other people who are also interested in a similar topic.

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