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Transform Your Mindset; 9 Ways

March 7, 2021

Mindset is the topic today. Would you like to tweak your mindset? Would you like to transform it so you can achieve your goals and be the person you want to be? Many of my coaching clients have told me they’re stuck. They say they know what they want to achieve and they just can’t get their mindset on track to accomplish their goals. I’ve been there. I can remember times in my life when I felt like my mindset was holding me back. I didn’t know how to move forward. So, Let’s dig into this topic of mindset. Today I’m going to share 9 ways to change your mindset.

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Transform Your Mindset; 9 Ways

1/ Identify Your Self-Talk

Sometimes I refer to self-talk as self bullying. It’s important to notice what you’re saying to yourself and make a note of the actual messages.
Flip them around into a positive message – like from, ‘I can’t earn money”, to, ‘Money flows to me in abundance’.

2/ Mantras and Affirmations

Many humans experience imposter syndrome at some time or another.

That means that somewhere in your subconscious or even your conscious mind, you believe you don’t deserve your accomplishments. Deep down, you may feel that you’re somehow a fraud. You might have a hidden concern that someday people will find out that you’ve been faking it. Mantras and affirmations can help counter this belief.

The words mantras and affirmations are often used interchangeably, but 

They actually have different origins and meanings. Mantras are words, sounds, or just short sound bytes.  Sometimes, people associate mantras with mysticism and spirituality and they’re meant to help you gain inner peace.

The ideas of affirmations came from neuroscientists and what they understand about psychotherapy and linguistics. They believe that you can consciously rewire thought patterns towards more desired outcomes by repeating impactful phrases and sentences referring to something you absolutely believe in, or want to believe in, in the present moment.

One of the mantras I personally use is, ‘I am a strong, confident creator’.

I practice a system that uses affirmations, and self-hypnosis, and I repeat 9 different affirmations over and over every day. They help me to work through past experiences and events that I might have otherwise pushed down. It helps me process my ‘pain’, or ‘anger’ or ‘just confused thoughts’ in a positive way. The name of the system is 7th Path Self Hypnosis’. 

One of the affirmations is about seeing everyone and everything, with compassion.

3/ Understand the Conscious & Subconscious Mind

Erika Flint, my hypnosis teacher explained it this way. She said, imagine you are looking into a totally dark room. You shine the beam of a flashlight into the room and you can only see one small area of the room at a time. You can move that light beam around, but you're not able to illuminate more than a small amount of the room at any given time.

Then you switch the light on. You can suddenly see everything in the room. That fully lit room is like our subconscious mind. It is filled with a large number of details. Our conscious mind only reveals a small amount at any given time, just like the beam of light revealed.

4/ Spend Time With Like-Minded People

Jim Rohn famously said that ‘we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with’. This relates to the law of averages, which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes.

The people with whom we surround ourselves are the biggest influence on our behavior, attitudes and results. The course of your life is set by the people you choose to spend the most time with.

5/ Create New Habits

Habits have been a powerful way I have achieved goals in my life. You can use habits to your advantage to help change your mindset and accomplish some of your most daring dreams.

I encourage you to read a book called, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This book talks about scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed. Duhigg uses stories to help us understand the power of habit and how we can all use it to our advantage. 

Another book you may want to consider reading is, ‘Atomic Habits by James Clear.'

6/ Embrace Your Fears

Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Decide what you want in your life and go for it. 

What motivates you? What makes you tick? Some people don’t know. Look back to childhood. Meditate – discover the answers to these questions by spending time alone, in nature or in silence. Maybe for you these answers will be revealed as a result of forms of exercise like running, swimming, or mountain climbing. Once you realize what you truly want in your life, then begin, step-by-step, to make that happen. Make a promise to yourself and be determined to make it happen.

7/ Have a Journaling Practice

In my last point I talked about embracing your fears and I said you need to come to terms with what you truly want in your life. Journaling is a great way to get in touch with what you truly want. A lot of times, we are suppressing our true desires. We are afraid to be vulnerable because we often have fear and pain related to these goals. Maybe we’ve experienced failure. Our subconscious mind wants to protect us. It wants to make sure we’re absolutely safe so it will do almost anything to make sure we don’t experience pain or hurt. Even though it’s protecting us in the short term, in the long term we’re much better off if we’re willing to experience some vulnerability. Step out and have the courage to embrace your fears. Daily journaling is a powerful way to make this happen, and it can speed up the process considerably. Make journaling a daily habit.

8/ Hire a Therapist or Counselor

They will set up appointments and will offer you a listening ear. There are lots of skilled therapists and counselors out there, and many people have been successful with this method of getting unstuck. A skilled counselor will help you work through the inner challenges of what’s holding you back. This is a method to consider if you have exhausted every other method you can think of. Be prepared to be vulnerable and be willing to take the necessary time to make the progress you’re looking for.

9/ Consider Hypnosis

One of the quickest ways to break through your mind blocks and to move forward is to work with a hypnotist. A skilled hypnotist will help you discover what’s holding you back a lot faster than some of the other methods.

Not to say the other methods aren’t effective or powerful, it’s just that hypnosis can be a shortcut into your subconscious to address issues that perhaps you’ve been pushing down all this time. Maybe your conscious mind wanted to protect you and you just haven’t dealt with the issues. Like I said, psychotherapy or counselling can work, but it sometimes takes months or even years. Having a hypnotist help you is usually much faster. Another thing you can do is to learn the skill of self-hypnosis. Most people learn how to do this from a hypnotist who already understands how hypnosis works.

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