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The Sensorial Sensei Path with David Brower

August 11, 2021

David Charles Brower is a #1 Best-Selling Author, Poet, Speaker, Life Coach & Super Connector, making living itself an art. David spends his life searching for love and creating abundant sensorial experiences everywhere he goes, wherever and whomever he finds himself with.  As The Sensorial Guy, and inspired by his own romantic personality,
he inspires others globally to connect to each other in meaningful ways, to find useful joy in the everyday, create moments of romance daily and find pleasure in the small details and nuances of life. David relentlessly seeks to fuse pleasure with purpose, sometimes a tad mischievously, too.

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Effect on Emotions

  • It's that moment of pause that you give yourself. It frees you from an impulsive, excessive, automated reaction to someone or something that has triggered you and your response is coming from a place of potentially a hurt ego or something programmed from another period of your life.
  • Being able to be free from that is the mindfulness piece for me. It's the relativizing that moment of equanimity. It's the ‘this too shall pass' moment of impermanence that you fold into that.
  • Really, the whole part about this over attachment to desire and pushing away of a version of something, if you're able to take pause and allow yourself to bring a little bit of wisdom and not such an instantaneous judgment to what you're experiencing, sometimes what you're experiencing will either pass or you'll gain an extra bit of information that you need for your emotional system to either have already moved on to something else.
  • So there's this fluid moment of dancing there, where, it's almost like the minute something hits you that makes you freak out. It's like that one deep breath gives you that moment to just dance with it and let go of the emotional response, let go of the knee-jerk way of reacting. As we all know, this is an every moment practice.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is the area where I have the most growth to come. I've often felt that my emotional reaction to things can be associated with how my breathing goes. If I'm going through a stressful moment, I can get caught into breathing where my voice literally changes.
  • At times I can have an emotional reaction. It can be related to stress. Through learning to breathe better, and I still have practice to do there, I'm learning to be in a constant state of equanimity in terms of breathing. I'm not allowing myself to not be aware that my breathing is becoming irregular. I'm more attentive to that.
  • I'm checking in and noticing when my voice is not where I feel it is.

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Bullying Story

  • About three years ago I went back to the town where I grew up, around Los Angeles. I met with a man that became a teacher at the school I went to when I was a little boy. We're looking through photo albums, and he had all these stories that I couldn't remember anything about.
  • He remembered everyone's names, and he said, don't you remember John (not his real name), the bully at the school. You and he were best friends.
  • I sincerely couldn't really connect with that memory and still can't. All I remember is that I was a very small kid. I was under five feet tall until I was 18.
  • Consequently, the only way I could protect myself, was to befriend the biggest, strongest people in the school. In so doing, I was protected. I was very athletic and very fast, and the bigger kids didn't like that. I didn't remember the particular kid at all.

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