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The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis

November 18, 2020

Jayson Gaddis is the founder of The Relationship School, an impact-based company dedicated to helping people work out their differences and have fulfilling long-term partnerships. He is on a mission to reach 1,000,000 teens and young adults with formal relationship education. He's the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence™ and trains people how to be relational leaders and coaches. Jayson is also an author, speaker, and podcaster of ‘The Relationship School Podcast, is the father of two children and has been married since 2007.

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Effect on Emotions

  • I think I used to be so jammed up emotionally and cut off. Now I can be with my sadness, my anger, my rage, and my fear; and breathe into it and not run from it. It's incredibly empowering to welcome whatever's arising.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I didn't learn much about breathing until I started to learn to meditate. Then I learned that there are all kinds of ways to breathe and breathe differently; breathe through the body, breathe through the nose, breathe through the mouth, hold my breathe, exhale longer.
  • I'm still learning, I'm still on that journey. I think how we breathe has a big impact on our life.

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Bullying Story

  • I was bullied and I, in turn, bullied some people. In every story, mindfulness would have made a difference. In Middle School I bumped into some big football player and knocked over his chocolate milk and he grabbed me by the neck and held me up.
  • I was this little scrawny kid and I hadn't gone through puberty yet. I was terrified and I ran off. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed because it was in front of everybody at lunch.
  • [With mindfulness] I probably would have still run off because that was an appropriate thing to do. Had I just rounded the corner and just sat down outside and just knew to breathe, and cry and be with myself, and even better, have some adult or older kid who would have been able to hold space for me and breathe with me and just hang out while I just moved through the trauma.
  • That would have made a massive difference.

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