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The Answers Are Always In You; Tasha Champion

November 7, 2022

Tasha Champion, the Shenomenal Coach, is a Certified Master Transformation Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Award Nominated 2xBest Selling Author & Speaker. After healing from her own personal struggles, she now specializes in supporting overworked, exhausted, and underappreciated women who constantly feel pressed for time by their extensive to-do list, awaken, to unapologetically make their self-care a priority. As a single mom of 4 and a triple-negative breast cancer survivor, she defines the meaning of willpower with unwavering faith. Her mission is for every woman to live a purposeful and Shenomenal life, guiding them to Love The Champion They Are!

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Most Influential Person

  • Elise Falzon and Bianca Page- Mentors

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has affected me by allowing me to acknowledge how I'm feeling. What do I get to do about it so that I'm not sitting, soaking in the pain or the hurt or the dysfunction? Mindfulness says, okay, yes, this has happened; acknowledge it and feel it. Now, how do you want to safely move through it?

Thoughts on Breathing

  • There are three main breaths that I do consistently.
  • So one is the one breath, just taking that really deep breath and saying it all out. I do that a lot in traffic, I live in Southern California. The Answers Are Always In You
  • The second one is just kind of slow deep breathing, holding it at the top of four seconds, and then slowly exhaling for four. So I usually do that one before and after my meditations, just to kind of bring me into the meditative state, and then to take me out of the meditative state.
  • And then my favorite breathing technique is the alternate nostril breathing, just alternating the nostrils like that one, really, really allows me to connect, and just feel and just be that's my absolute favorite breathing technique. The Answers Are Always In You

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Bullying Story

  • When I came out of the divorce, I jumped right into another relationship. My children, of course, were a package deal. And that situation turned out to be very unhealthy for us. We were verbally bullied. Everything was about what this person had and what we were using, and we were in their house and their car.
  • We were locked out this one day and made to sit on the porch for hours. And it was weakening for me because I'm allowing my children to go through this because I'm not strong enough to walk away. And had I known then about mindfulness, I could have really gone inside and trusted my spirit. I could have trusted what God was guiding me to do. The Answers Are Always In You
  • I didn't do that until I learned what mindfulness was. And as soon as we came out of that situation, me and my children spent time together because we needed that healing. And I truly believe that when people learn mindfulness early on, it allows them to know that the pain doesn't deepen as much because you're learning how to work through it. You're learning how to breathe through it, and you're learning how even in this chaos, I can still find a little bit of joy.
  • So that's what mindfulness means when you are being bullied. And mindfulness can give you the confidence to tell someone how you're feeling and what you are experiencing so that you can feel safe. The Answers Are Always In You

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