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Tame the Ego’s Tongue; Alan Carroll

August 24, 2022

Alan Carroll is an Educational Psychologist who specializes in Transpersonal Psychology. He founded Alan Carroll & Associates 30 years ago and before that, he was a Senior Sales Training Consultant for 10 years at Digital Equipment Corporation. He has dedicated his life to searching for tools that can be used by everyone, to escape the psychological suffering caused by the misidentification with our ego and reconnect to the vast transcendent mindful dimension of consciousness that lies just on the other side of the thoughts we think and between the words we speak.

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Effect on Emotions

  • Sadhguru describes anger and he holds up a cup. He says anger is like drinking from a cup of poison and expecting the other person to die you are angry. And so why would you cause chemical changes in your physical body that causes diseases that are caused by the toxic release of chemicals because of the anger? Why would you do that?
  • You would do that because the ego doesn't care about your body. The ego cares about being right. And what it does to my body is irrelevant. As long as I get my pound of flesh, I'm happy but when you start looking at your body, you recognize that there are loving emotions and there are emotions that are toxic. And so you stop because there's a space for you to observe. or that, hey, it's not beneficial for me to be angry. So I gotta figure out another strategy. That's mindfulness.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is part of the autonomic nervous system, you do not have to think about breathing when you're speaking. It does it automatically. But the point being is that the amount of oxygen you take in when you don't think about breathing is about a little over a liter, of the six-liter capacity.
  • So if you think about breathing, you can actually tell your body to take in more oxygen than is necessary, which gives you more prana, more energy. And so you can regulate your energy by becoming conscious of breathing, but you can't become conscious and breathing unless you are able to tell your body to breathe, you have to have the thought, the thought inside your head while you're standing up.
  • If I'm an audience, I'm going to take a deep breath right now. Then you can take a deep breath, but you have to be able to pause to create that space in which you get to know and control the timing in order to tell your body to breathe.

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Bullying Story

  • Nothing is either right or wrong. But thinking makes itself so. You shouldn't be bullied, bullying is wrong. So in the reality in which you live, your ego is now engaged in there's something happening in your movie right now of this situation or this person what they're doing, and you're labeling it bullying, and so and so you're not present in the moment, you're dealing with a bully at the moment not objectively, logically right now, that's a bully, and so and so until you, until you're able to be more relaxed with the energy that's around the Bolinas.
  • Then whatever solution you're going to try to figure out may not strategically be the best that maybe tactically it might work. immediately, but strategically you have to deal with the person who is looking at it and labeling it. And realizing that that label is not the best way to label it.

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