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Rise To Discover Your Best Self; Mary Welp

June 12, 2022

Mary Welp is a CranioSacral and Hypnotherapist living in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Jim. She is in private practice, having done bodywork and hypnosis for 20 years. She worked with a nonprofit involving returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as served on the board of LinkUp, offering assistance to those who have dealt with clergy abuse and related trauma. She travels to teach RISE Hypnotic Meditation throughout the country.

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Effect on Emotions

  • So when I get upset, I ask myself, Why are you upset? What is triggering me? What's hurting me?
  • In conclusion, I try to delve into that subconscious a little bit more and see what's brought up in me that is making me react the way I'm reacting.
  • Therefore, every time I get upset that way and also the joyful moments, I think I blow them up even bigger than they already are.
  • Similarly, I see them as such precious jewels, I make them louder in my life than the hard times in the struggles. So

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is very important.
  • Yoga taught me how to breathe properly, it brings you into your body.
  • So it is very important to be grounded in your body for the fight/flight and for anxiety, to bring yourself back to the present moment and nurture yourself.

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Bullying Story

  • My father worked for General Electric so as he climbed the corporate ladder, we traveled every two years. We are constantly moving. As a result, we would transfer into a new school district. So
  • So I would be that quiet little redheaded girl in the corner, not saying a word and trying to just melt into the furniture and the fabric of the place, I didn't want to be recognized at all. certainly
  • I was an easy target for bullies. consequently
  • When I was in kindergarten, a boy in the fourth grade, chased and hit me over the head with his lunchbox as I was running home up the hill.
  • In other words, there's physical bullying, and emotional bullying.
  • For instance, when picking teams, I was one of the last kids to be picked because nobody knew who I was.
  • But I have to give Louisville a lot of credit because it was the first place where the people were very welcoming. So Above all

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