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Physical Intelligence, Crucial To Business Success; Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton

December 20, 2020

Claire Dale and Patricia (Pat) Peyton are directors of an organization called, Companies in Motion. They offer Physical Intelligence coaching and training to prominent industry leaders. Claire is a well-known British dancer and choreographer, having founded the Claire Russ Ensemble, a contemporary dance company that performed across Europe for fifteen years. Pat’s expertise is business; she spent over thirty years working with Fortune 100 companies to help individuals and teams improve their performance. She is also managing director of a leadership and sales training company called Sphere International. Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton have authored the new book, Physical Intelligence: Harness your body's untapped intelligence to achieve more, stress less and live more happily.

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Most Influential Person

  • Pat: My Mother

Effect on Emotions

  • Claire: Mindfulness kind of is an emotional state, so it is the emotions of calm and peace, non-reactivity, resourcefulness.
  • I grew up with a disabled sister so there was a lot of worry in the household and I think by watching my mom get really worried to un-pick what was going on even at that early stage, and know that I needed to seek mindfulness.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Pat: Start paced breathing now. There's research that talks about a group of bankers that 62% improvement of cognitive function, 42% decrease in stress after 40 minutes of paced breathing a day, 20 in the morning, 20 in the evening.
  • If that's too much for you in one go, do what you can. I top and tail my day with it and then build it in before a zoom call or while I'm making a pot of coffee or tea.

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Bullying Story

  • Claire: I was twelve years old, in a school cloakroom when two older girls come up and they push me. I fall back into all the coats. I'm a newbie in the school, and I'm looking up at them, and these young women in their fourth or fifth year are trying to exert their power.
  • They're telling me that I need to watch it, and that they're watching me. I have no idea really, what they mean but I'm scared and my heart rate is way up. I do nothing until they leave me alone.
  • They were likely having a surge of oestrogen and a whole lot of testosterone and their cortisol rose. They were feeling aggressive and like they were needing to throw their weight around in order to prove themselves. I don't believe they were bad girls. So they chose to pick on someone younger and weaker.
  • I didn't have very much testosterone or estrogen at that point. I wasn't expecting any kind of confrontation so my arousal chemistry just wasn't there. My testosterone stayed right where it was at a low level, but my cortisol spiked way up and I began to feel terrible anxiety.
  • What mindfulness does is keep all that cortisol band of arousal so we have enough energy to keep our skin in the game but we don't get threatened that's why it's so important for a peaceable, tolerant world.

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