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Nourishing Your Truth and Finding Your Voice; Shauna Reiter

November 10, 2021

Shauna Reiter is the founder of Alaya Naturals. She was born with an autoimmune condition that suppresses her white blood cells and spent years battling oppressive ailments. When Shauna became pregnant and started a family, her children brought tremendous joy into her life, but her immune system had its own agenda. Sleepless nights and depleted energy threatened to disrupt her time with them and derail her larger goals. She knew that her body needed healing. Shauna then launched into the world of superfoods and the creation of Alaya Naturals. She researched, tested, and perfected the products she would market and as a result, Shauna is now stronger, healthier, and more present in all areas of her life.

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Contact Info

  • Website: www.Alayanaturals.com
  • Discount: Mindfulness Mode listeners get 20% off. Type in discount code “MindfulnessMode20” at checkout for first time customers.

Most Influential Person

  • My father

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has radically affected how I experience my emotions because awareness for me, is the foundation of peace.
  • If I am triggered by something or if I'm reactive, I know that I'm coming from an old primal place, usually stemming from my childhood that has nothing to do with current reality.
  • If I take a pause and a deep breath, and am mindful, I most often can calm myself down and understand that what's in the past is in the past. It's not really happening now.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is how we regulate our nervous system.
  • It's how we escape the fight or flight mode where we feel like we're in danger. So I breathe when I'm anxious.
  • I breath consciously before I enter a business conversation and I breathe especially when I'm challenged by my children. It keeps me really grounded and gives me perspective.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: n/a
  • App: I don't use apps. I would start by looking around you and recognizing where you really are.

Role of Mindfulness in Your Singing

  • I've had to get out of my mind to sing and to really express. As a vocalist, I was doing studio work for a long time where perfection is a requirement and you can't be off-key, you can't be pitchy.
  • I found that the harder I tried and the more concerned I was about hitting a note, usually the more skewed that note was and it would be slightly off.
  • That's because I was too much in my head. What I found is that you practice and practice and practice so that the moment you're on stage, or the moment you're recording live, you can let go and trust that your body has that note.
  • I think meditation is very similar in the sense that we're getting out of our head. We're getting out of our own way. We're getting out of our mind and we're accessing the part of us that already knows.
  • There's no note in any song I've been given that I can't hit. It's the fear that I can't hit the note that obscures my ability to execute.

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