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Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation with Dr. Jenelle Kim

October 27, 2021

Dr. Jenelle Kim is a wellness and mindfulness expert, who has been teaching a dynamic, movement-based approach to meditation for years. Since the pandemic started, she has noticed a steady increase in people interested in her teachings. Her ideas are to be published later this year in her new book entitled: Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation. As a doctor of Chinese medicine, a master herbalist, and a dedicated student of martial arts and Eastern philosophy for more than 30 years, Dr. Kim combines mindfulness, meditation, movement, and natural medicine for an approach to wellness that is truly unique.

To practice Myung Sung, you do not need to schedule time away from your life. You don’t have to sit quietly, forcing your mind to find silence. Instead, you engage in a living meditation, incorporating mindfulness into every aspect of your daily life. 

By following the eight keys of Myung Sung, you can experience less stress, avoid conflict, find inner peace, and accomplish your life goals. Myung Sung helps us find a deeper connection with our true selves and re-align our lives on a path that was meant for us.

Dr. Kim did not invent Myung Sung, rather she combined centuries-old practices such as mindfulness and Taoism with approaches that work for a modern audience. 

As the daughter of a Korean monk, Dr. Kim began learning meditation, martial arts, and the teachings of the Tao from a young age. She has applied her expert knowledge of medicinal healing as a formulator and co-founder of JBK Wellness Labs, creating the formulas behind high-end beauty, health, and wellness products available at stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Sephora, and Neiman Marcus. This past November, Dr. Kim was the keynote speaker at CosmoProf where she presented on the future of beauty and emerging trends.

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Most Influential Person

  • My Father

Effect on Emotions

  • It makes them consistent. Never too happy, never too sad. Never too excited, never too lacking in excitement.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing means so much to me in all three of those pillars. Medicine is so important to bring oxygen and circulation. Movement is the same as well as the philosophy. As a moment that we can kind of connect and ground ourselves to see clearly the situation in front of us.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • Chapter 7 of my book is called “It Only Takes One Match To Light A Thousand” and in that chapter I share some instances of bullying or situations like bullying. In those moments I find that if we really can root ourselves in remembering that we're all human, even when people are coming at [us]. Especially in the work world, if you really sat down to ask me, if I were in a room filled with men, did someone want to treat me a little different?
  • Growing up, I wanted to be older, I wanted my hair to be darker, because I wanted to be taken so seriously. I constantly remind myself, no matter where I am, no matter who I stand in front of, no matter what circumstance comes in front of me, if I remember that I am connected to all who came before me, then I am rooted. [This applies] particularly to those I feel connected to in my lineage.
  • I am connected to all who come after me, my children, the next generation. There's something really beautiful about that and that's what Living Meditation means to me as well.

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