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Learning the Language of Spirit With India Leigh

March 17, 2021

India Leigh is a spirit intuitive, reader, clairvoyant, and coach who uses an array of modalities and gifts to help you clearly understand the messages being sent to you by your guides. Using her skills, India will help you connect more deeply with your own divine inner guidance. She also will empower you in coming into more connection with your own divine energy and creative power, aligning your energy, thoughts, words, and actions with your greatest good and highest purpose.

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Most Influential Person

  • Wanda Devan, Yoga Teacher

Effect on Emotions

  • Shattering the idea that I could not control my emotions was the biggest change. You get to your thirties and you think, I guess I'm just an anxious, fearful person, that's just who I am. Noticing that this is a choice I can make and realizing that emotions do not need to rule you, is something you can do.
  • You are going to feel emotions, but you don't have to let them control everything. It's important to realize that emotions serve you. 

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is the quickest way to get into the moment.
  • If you are going in a million directions, and your mind is terrorizing you in whatever way, if you just take a minute and take an intentional deep breath, and pay attention to it, it can fully bring you into that moment.
  • Breathing is a doorway to get into the moment at any time.

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Bullying Story

  • I learned early on, the avoidance tactics for myself. It was looking around and thinking, this mistreatment is possible in the world, but if I look pleasant enough, or look pleasing enough, or if I can just stay under the radar, then I'll be spared from that.
  • When things did hit me in the face, I learned to defer to those other people in a way of going like, oh, they think this of me. Let's see what I can do about that.
  • Mindfulness would have helped me if there had been a sense of, you are you and who you are is completely independent of what anybody else's perception is. I think I got a blurry idea of other people's perception versus my own reality. 

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