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Learn To Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

March 21, 2021

Learning to let go is the topic of my episode today. Many of my coaching clients who have begun to learn about mindfulness, soon realize that they are holding on to things that are disrupting their flow. They’re holding on to emotions, or memories, or beliefs that are getting in their way and preventing them from moving on. In many cases, these emotions, memories and beliefs are keeping my clients from becoming the people they truly want to be. They are often preventing money from flowing into their lives and sometimes the beliefs are preventing unwanted pain, heartbreak and grief from flowing out of their space.

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Learning To Let Go

1/ Slow Down

Consider working less hours or less overtime at work. Another thing  you can do is outsource more. If you're an entrepreneur you can get a virtual assistant or if you're a mom or dad at home with children, think of ways you can ask for some help. Sometimes there are people right among you who would love to help you out and all you have to do it ask.
As you slow down, make it a priority to feed yourself with more of what fulfils you. What did you love to do as a 7 year old child? Did you paint, or play in the water, or sing? Is there a creative element you can reintroduce back into your life? Back, maybe 3 years ago our family went on a two-week vacation to Newfoundland – that’s a Canadian province on the East coast, it’s a huge island, it’s 156 thousand square miles.

The pace there in Newfoundland is so much different than here in Ontario. I remember meeting a guy who had never been off the island, and his manner, his disposition, his way of looking at the world, was all so different. I felt like he had a natural sense of mindfulness that he’d been born into.

2/ Scribe

In Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning, he talks about the practice of scribing. Scribing is an old-fashioned term for simply writing down your thoughts. Include plenty of thoughts of gratitude and ideas of where you currently see yourself in life and where you are headed. Talk about goals, dreams, and desires.

This week I interviewed a woman who said she couldn’t get through the day without journaling. It’s an innate part of her life. She lives in India, and even though she had a demanding job and is a mother and wife, she says she journals every morning. She can’t wait to put pen to paper. And she loves the sensation of holding the pen and writing on the paper. She told me that she puts a lot of value on the way the pen feels, and the way the ink flows onto the paper. She said she has a large collection of pens and this makes her journaling even more special. I tell you this, because I think that making elements of journal particularly meaningful in this way, can have an impact on how much you enjoy it and how much benefit it will end up being for you in your life.

3/ Move Your Body

There is something magical about combining body movement with thought. Many great ideas have popped into my head during my trampoline sessions. I have a mini-trampoline and I find amazing things happen when I jump on my trampoline and move my arms in opposite rotating motion. In my experience, big arm movements connect to my thinking brain and some amazing ideas pop into my head. I mentioned last week, that I’ve set aside an hour to run every morning before I start work and during this time I do a type of personal running meditation. It’s actually self-hypnosis and it helps me clear my mind and incredible thoughts and ideas come to me as a result. This self-hypnosis is called 7th Path Self-Hypnosis and I’m going to be teaching this method, so stay tuned for the details.

.4/ Meditate

I’ve been a meditator for around 8 years and as I already mentioned, one of the ways I meditate is a running meditation. I also do silent meditation, and feel like this has made a big difference in my life. I certainly learned to let go of a lot of a lot of emotions, memories, and beliefs that were holding me back. When I say that, it doesn’t mean I removed them from my memory. It means I was able to identify them and then re-evaluate the way I thought about those events. I was able to think differently about what that event meant to me and how it sat in my mind. For 2 years my meditation was usually in the form of a guided meditation. Sometimes I listened to my own personalized guided meditations, and sometimes I listened to meditations I downloaded from the internet. I use the app called, Insight Timer, and I’ve listened to many meditations there. I’ve also recorded meditations there so if you search my name you’ll find them.

5/ Create Personal Affirmations

You can find lots of affirmations on-line and you can adapt them for your personal use. Getting suggestions from people who have meditated for years and studied mindfulness for years will help you to create meaningful and positive meditations for yourself. Like I said, you can adapt them using terminology that you related to and referring to your own goals and desires. Maybe you want to live a life of contentment, be more grounded, or be more sensitive to others. Include some of these ideas in your affirmations and then record them on your phone. There are lots of apps you can use to listen back to your affirmations. One of those apps is Enso. ENSO. Check it out. It has great reviews. It’s marketed as:
Ensō is a sleek and elegant meditation timer and bell, designed to enhance your meditation and mindfulness experience. Its minimal feature set and design allow you to focus on what matters the most – your mindfulness experience – without getting in your way.

What people say about Ensō:
“Considering the quality and utility of this app, Ensō is a godsend for meditation lovers” – Lifehacker.ru

“For a distraction free meditation experience that lets you customize intervals and timers, you want Ensō.” – iMore.com

“Beautiful interface that just gets out of the way :)”

So you might want to check out Enso, or some other app that can help you record and listen to your affirmations in an easy and effective way.

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