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King Of The Thrill Pill Cult; Shaahin Cheyene

January 12, 2022

Shaahin Cheyene is considered one of the leading global minds on what’s next in e-commerce,  Amazon and the internet. He is described as the “Willy Wonka Of Generation X” by the London Observer and Newsweek and is one of the most forward thinkers in business – with his Amazon Mastery Course he acutely recognizes trends and patterns early on the Amazon platform to help others understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behavior. 

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Most Influential Person

  • Edward Lawson

Effect on Emotions

  • Emotions are triggered by instability, sometimes the ability to watch your emotions, and your feelings without judgment can lead to a greater sense of calm, a greater sense of understanding.
  • Being mindful of what's going on around me and to be able to watch my emotions, watch my feelings, without judgment for a period of time, the ability to suspend judgment is again, another superpower.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I'm a big fan of Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method.
  • I do Wim Hof's cold exposure.
  • I also like doing box breathing.

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • Bullying story coming soon.

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