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Journaling To Manifest Your Best Life; Nathaniel A. Turner

June 1, 2022

Nathaniel A Turner is the author of multiple books, including the history-making, Raising Supaman. Turner’s books, videos, speeches, and training programs have empowered countless numbers of people and organizations. So that his child might be intellectually astute, globally competent, and socially conscious, Nate intentionally backward designed his son’s life. Today, those tools, techniques, and strategies which were initially created explicitly for his son are educational and life development staples for people all over the country.

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Most Influential Person

  • My son.

Effect on Emotions

  • The first thing I do every morning is writing (journaling) about my life for the first 14 to 20 minutes. The way I would like it to be as opposed to how it actually is.
  • It helps me to be mindful emotionally, physically, and spiritually, about where I want to be at any point in time in my life. So that is a thing that I do. I learned that from a child,

Thoughts on Breathing

  • So I started practicing learning journaling and meditation some few years ago, taking time to actually hear my breath. This is not something that seems normal.
  • Likewise, I've heard you mention in one of your podcasts about walking. I'll walk and just silence everything. I'll put noise-canceling headphones on and just listen to my breath.

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Bullying Story

  •  First, I think we live in a society where we're all bullied in different ways, it just matters how you decide to proceed.
  • My son has had situations where he felt bullied by either the professor or bullied by a teammate.
  • Certainly, one of the things we do is just recognize that whatever that is, it's temporary.
  • Oftentimes, what people are saying about you is not so much about you, but it's a reflection of how they feel about themselves.
  • Above all, the most important thing to remember is what it is that you think and feel about yourself. Moreover, I'd say the other thing, is to not give so much time and attention and weight to the negative, unless you're equally willing to give the same amount of time, attention, and weight to the positive.
  • So if you say someone bullies you and you're focusing on the bullying part, what do we do with the people who praise us?
  • However, when people praise us or say really positive things about us, we don't give that the same time and attention as we do to the things that are negative.

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