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Humans First; Rob Krecak

October 31, 2022

Rob Krecak says that employees with a four-day workweek experience less burnout and more well-being—if implemented properly. The four-day workweek is the next frontier of organizational culture, and Humans First is leading the charge. We help companies reduce burnout, maximize profitability, and improve employee engagement. By analyzing, implementing, and sustaining productive employee habits through company consulting and 1:1 coaching, our team empowers you to confront—and master—technology’s role in your company, your workers, and your own life.

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Most Influential Person

  • His wife

Effect on Emotions

  • Meditation has helped me be less reactive. I recently started meditating regularly. I don't meditate every day, but I'm meditating more often. And I really believe that when I do that, my day is much more positive. I'm less reactive and much more able to take on stress throughout my day.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Two different things. One is I actually did some breathwork sessions with someone in Denver when my wife and I lived there. It absolutely was like a psychedelic experience. Without psychedelics, it was unbelievable. I absolutely thought it was a game-changer. And I was so grateful. During the first session, I cried halfway through, like, it was so amazing.
  • The other thing that I do is take breaths, three seconds in and pause, and five seconds out and pause. So the entire breath is 10 seconds. And that really helps me calm down and activate my parasympathetic nervous system. And I do that, actually, before my workouts and at different times throughout the day.

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Bullying Story

  • This is a very personal topic for me because I actually was bullied all the time in elementary school. So what happened was, we had a bus driver, who was very elderly, and he basically just didn't care about what happened on the bus, because he was like, at the end of his career, and he just didn't give a crap and so there was basically no enforcement of anything on the bus. As a kid, I didn't look like I do today; I was a very skinny kid who was not very outgoing. I wasn't very self-confident.
  • The other part of this equation was my dad. He was a high school vice principal and so being a vice principal, there was always an emphasis on education. But he also would always say don't fight back and don't do anything if someone does something to you. And I understand why he said that.
  • But basically, then what happened was, I was bullied on the bus all the time. Kids would take my jacket and smear it on the ground during winter when it was all snowy out and dirty. On the bus, one kid even lit my hair on fire with a lighter and that was pretty tough for me. Because basically, my dad and my parents told me don't do anything.
  • I understand why they did that. But I wish I had the tools that I do now in terms of how to process that or deal with it, or, you know, just approach that situation differently. But as a kid in elementary school, you don't really have those tools in your toolbox. That makes me feel very protective of people who are bullied today because now I'm in a position where I'm physically bigger than 98% of the humans on Earth. Just because I've worked out for 25 years. And so I want to make sure that people don't get picked on because I don't want people to go through what I went through.

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