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How To Discover Your Career Purpose; Sean Sessel

June 30, 2021

Sean Sessel helps individuals escape burnout jobs and craft careers that truly inspire and pay well. He works with people to prevent self-sabotage, dissolves stress, and discover their personal power & value. Sean Sessel is a voracious learner with a fervent belief in the ability of the individual to better himself or herself. Through an epiphany, he discovered that he derived intrinsic enjoyment from continual learning and the sharing of knowledge with others. As a result, he decided to make a career of it and started The Oculus Institute. Sean developed a unique system called psychohacking that is fundamentally different and more powerful than other schools of internal work; like NLP and LOA (Law Of Attraction). Psychohacking is grounded in truth (not selectively choosing beliefs/references or focusing only on the positive), and it uses observation to deconstruct mental barriers subconsciously.

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Most Influential Person

  • Mark Faumuser, my mentor

Effect on Emotions

  • I don't see my emotions as mine. They're happening and they're present in my space but I don't have to be attached to them.
  • They don't have any power over me. I can understand where they're coming from and that they make sense, but I don't allow them to control me.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • This is something I only learned this year. I didn't realize it till this year that I did breathing wrong for most of my life. Light and low, soft and slow. I did some breathing training recently with some bio-hackers in Austin.
  • It fundamentally shifts your parasympathetic versus your sympathetic nervous system. Even with all the work that I did, every now and then I would catch these weird little fight or flight things. Then I would discard it and go about my life. I was also thinking, why is this popping up?
  • Part of it has to do with your breathing patterns. It will suddenly cause you to go into fight or flight mode. I was wondering, where's this weird energy coming from? I knew it was coming from my body.

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Bullying Story

  • I was bullied a lot as a kid. I'm probably somewhere on the autism spectrum. I'm very open about that and I know myself well. Having that distance is what's allowed me to understand people so well.
  • As a child, I was not socially very adept. Kids would throw my backpack out the window.
  • One time a football player punched me in the face and drove my teeth into my lower lip. I remember that particular kid. He was having trouble at home. His family was fighting a lot, which I didn't learn until months later. He wasn't processing his own issues so he took it out on me.
  • Fortunately for me, I discovered at that moment that I have an adrenalin disorder I've inherited from my father. When that blood went into my mouth, I found I was a lot stronger than I normally was so I was able to defend myself.

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